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Let A Plus Insurance help you find the best rates…yes even though it’s not an automobile…motorcycles still need to be insured!

Motorcycle Insurance Liberty- Insurance requirements

Shopping for the state minimum liability insurance for your motorcycle? Many consumers are not aware of what the state minimum limits are that is required in South Carolina. Those limits are 25,000 for bodily injury per person, 50,000 for bodily injury for all persons per accident, and 25,000 for property damage per accident.

StateMinimum Coverage RequirementsAverage Cost for Minimum Liability Coverage
South Carolina25/50/25$75

Motorcycle Insurance Liberty: Be In The Know

Before you take off and hit up Harley-Davidson, you should probably head over to your local insurance office and make some changes.

Your current license and insurance covering your vehicle does not carry over to your motorcycle.

A separate license is required and a change in your insurance is also required.

Coverage needed will change from state to state, but if you’re a Liberty native, here are your requirements as a SC motorcycle driver:

Comprehensive coverage is not required but highly recommended as the risks of driving a motorcycle are much higher than in a 4-wheel vehicle.

With all of these considerations, you may decide that you’re up for the changes and you’ll be on your way to your favorite scenic drive location.

If you are a young driver in Liberty, SC, perhaps you’ve thought about cruising on your very own motorcycle. You may have heard the rumble of the local riders and realized Liberty is located in a prime spot in the upstate for motorcycle riders.

You, have the mountains in one direction, or you can head the other direction to the beach.

One of the best ways to drive the scenic roads of SC is by driving the Cherokee foothills national scenic Byway. This drive explores the Georgia/South Carolina border and will take approximately 4 hours.

To the average person, 4 hours of driving may sound like a drag but if driving a motorcycle is on your mind than 4 hours is exactly what you want. 

If all this sounds appealing to you… the word motorcycle may just be in your blood after all.

Motorcycle Insurance Liberty: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Motorcycle insurance in South Carolina?

Based on your insurance rating factors, insurance policies have a wide range, some as low as $75 for the year. Coverage options you choose will impact your overall insurance costs.

Is it required to wear a helmet in South Carolina?

Anyone under the age of 21 must have a protective helmet approved by the Department of Public safety while either operating or riding a motorcycle.

Do I need to register and insure my motorcycle in South Carolina?

Yes, just like an automobile, motorcycles do need to have current registrations and insurance to operate on public roads. Getting a quote is easy. Our phone number is 888-445-2793.

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