It’s An Important Job!

5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Designated Driver

Show Appreciation For Your Designated Driver

So, while its not the most fun job, there are ways you can make sure your designated driver still has a good time and feels appreciated….

1. Buy them a drink!

Buy his non alcoholic drinks for the night and his dinner. That is a MUCH better price to pay than dealing with the fees and cost of a DUI. ( So don’t be cheap)

2. Owe them one

Make sure that next time you guys go out, let him have a good time and someone else be the designated driver

3. Get Gas!

Put gas in his car. Enough said. It’s the least you can do.

4. Control Yourself

Just because he is your driver for the night, don’t get too drunk that he has to babysit you. Still respect him and don’t get too out of control.

5. Give Them the Keys

Go ahead and make sure he has the keys before the drinking starts, so that way he doesn’t have to go around and look for them at the end of the night.

The Role Of A Designated Driver

Look, we get it! Who doesn’t want to go out and have a few drinks, and just have a good time! Who also doesn’t want to be sitting in jail and have a DUI on their record?! We certainly don’t, and we don’t want you to! That’s why its really a good idea to have a designated driver assigned BEFORE you go out for the night.

A designated driver is a key thing to have if you want to ensure you will have a fun AND safe night. That driver is going to be someone who has agreed to NOT TO TAKE A SIP of alcohol that night. That person is going to make sure everyone gets home safe. While that may not seem like a fun job, because you are watching everyone else drink and you have to be the responsible adult for the night.. it is a vital role.

Just make sure to have a good time, but stay smart!

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