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A Plus Insurance was born in Colorado and it is our duty to work with the amazing people of this City to find a rate just as Bright as the City of Lights!

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Aurora Insurance Rates

Below you will see a few Insurance companies we work with in Aurora Colorado and their average cost for full coverage. You’ll see below, Progressive is offering the cheapest full coverage quote approx. $121, and Liberty mutual is around $199.

RankCompanyAverage Price
3Bristol West$134.00
4The General$142.00
6Dairyland (Viking)$190.00
7Liberty Mutual$199.00
Insurance Aurora

These numbers are based on our own customers, and most likely will vary going through other companies and agencies.

Some people do not know that choosing an agent/broker is actually cheaper than going through the insurance company directly in most cases.

Let’s Get Started!

Insurance Company Ratings AM Best, and JD Power for Aurora CO

How do I know if the insurance company I am looking at to start a policy has a good reputation? Insurance companies are rated by AM Best, and JD Powers. This will tell you the score based upon several factors, like the company’s customer service, policies, reviews, etc. Are you insured with one of the companies listed below? Have you checked out their ratings to make sure you’re getting the best service for your money?

CompanyJ.D. Power ClaimsA.M. Best Rating
CSAA Insurance Group847A
Allstate Auto Insurance853A+
Progressive Auto Insurance856A+
Farmers Insurance865A
The Hartford (AARP insurance)873A+
Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group866A+
State Farm878A++
GEICO Auto Insurance879A++
Safeco (A division of Liberty Mutual)855A
Insurance Aurora

Your Credit and how it affects your Aurora Insurance Rates

Why does credit affect my insurance rates?

Credit plays a role in all major purchases, such as a new vehicle or a home loan. Risk assessors use credit along with many other factors to determine the type of risk a potential customer is.

People with high credit have a good standing with paying their bills on time, and become a good fit for insurance companies to insure. In return, they are offered a lower rate. Look below to see the average cost in insurance, based off of your credit score.

Credit Impact on Aurora Insurance Rates
Average Premium by Score:
Average Price:
Insurance Aurora

Aurora Discounts

High Discounts

Paid In Full, No Accidents or Violations, Continuous Insurance.

Mild Discounts

Paperless, Homeowners, Multi-Vehicle, Multi-Driver, Married.

Low Discounts

Defensive Driving Course, Good Student.


Partnering with A Brokerage, like us *wink wink*, we can shop and stack your discounts.

pexels karolina grabowska 5632381

It makes us incredibly happy to be able to inform our customers that they can get discounts on their auto insurance policy. Some of the few discounts are things like multi-vehicle or paid in full, continuous insurance and many more. Check out the list below of some of those discounts and how much of an impact they can have on your rates.

 Insurance Aurora Residents Are You Paying Too Much For Your Auto Insurance?

insurance aurora

How Do I get a new insurance quote? – Aurora, CO?

When your policy is about to expire, that is the time to start shopping for the best price. Auto insurance agents in Aurora can be found on the Internet, so it is not necessary to start calling companies around town. In fact, it is much easier to request multiple quotes on the Internet than it is by phone.

One convenient way to do this is to write down all of your requirements for a car insurance policy. You can then gather the emails of all of the car insurance Aurora CO. companies you want to receive a quote from.

When you call us at A Plus Insurance we work together to find you a great rate. Below are some vital pieces we’ll need.

You then can create a single email addressed to agents and sent it to several companies at once. This is an excellent way to get low priced car Insurance Aurora policies because the single biggest factor in getting a lower rate is to obtain a sufficient amount of quotations.

What is the cheapest car insurance in Colorado?

Looking for the most affordable car insurance in Aurora, Colorado? Progressive often stands out as one of the cheapest options available. Their competitive rates and various discounts, such as multi-policy and safe driver discounts, make them an attractive choice for budget-conscious drivers. However, it’s essential to compare quotes from multiple carriers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Factors like coverage options, deductibles, and customer service should also be considered when selecting your insurance provider. Here’s a quick comparison of car insurance rates in Aurora to assist you in finding the most cost-effective option:

Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Rate ($)Coverage Options
Progressive$85Full Coverage
Dairyland$90Liability Only
Gainsco$95Full Coverage

Remember, individual rates may vary based on factors like driving history, age, and the type of vehicle you drive. Conduct thorough research and compare quotes to secure the best insurance rates for your needs.

List of Information needed for an auto quote In Aurora: Plus Fun Facts!


Name and DOB of ALL Drivers in the household. Whether they are going to be on the policy or not. Fun Fact: Once you’re over 25 the rates improve!


The physical address where the vehicle will be garaged. Not a PO Box that is not a home. Fun Fact: Zip code matters! The more populated an area the higher the insurance.


Driving history that you can recollect. Accidents, violations, claims ANY within the last 5 years. Fun Fact: After the five years, violations don’t drastically hurt your rate.


Types of Coverages you are looking for. Liability only? Or Full Coverage? Medical Payments? Uninsured Motorist Coverage? Fun Fact: These coverages may not add as much as you think to the final rate.


We’ll help you look for discounts with questions like Marital Status, Homeownership, Job, and current insurance status. Fun Fact: These factors are signs of financial stability which the insurance companies reward.


Year, Make, Model of the vehicles needing coverage. Especially the VIN! Fun Fact: The color of your car does not impact the rate.

Don’t wait years to shop around your insurance policy

pexels ekaterina belinskaya 4700118

Some people wait years to get a quotation and find out that they have been paying entirely too much for their policy. At A plus, we are a brokerage who works with several different insurance carriers

This way we have the opportunity to shop insurance rates upon renewal or even midterm while still keeping with a staff that you have already come to know and trust.

Insurance rates will vary, and our staff has the tools and resources available to see which of our carriers has taken on rate increases as well as rate decreases in your area.

We feel that it is important to review your insurance policies at least once if not twice a year.  Saving money is important in today’s economy, and we are here to help. Aurora Insurance Policies – we are here to help you.

Insurance Aurora

Another good time to shop for an auto Insurance policy in Aurora is before you purchase a new or used car. It may be a good idea to shop for coverage while you shop for a car. The worst time to buy insurance is after you have purchased the car.

This is because the cost of car Insurance coverage in Aurora Colorado for a particular make and model is part of the cost of operating the vehicle. Two different cars that appeal to you may be close to the price, but once you get a few quotes for auto insurance Aurora policies, you will find that one of the two cars is much cheaper to insure.

A Recent example of an insurance quote in Aurora:

We had a gentleman call to quote six vehicles and six household members for insurance.  Two of the four vehicles were full coverage, while as four of the vehicles were basic liability insurance.  Of the six members of the household, two drivers were teenagers with great grades, two members have recently married daughter and her new husband, and the primary drivers were Mom and Dad of the children.

We were able to quote, issue, and bind a policy that same day, dropping their previous premium cost from close to $750.00 per month, down to $575.00, and this also included two tickets for one driver.

This policy was placed through Progressive insurance, and now all household members are covered while driving any of the six vehicles listed.

The customer is pleased with the convenience and savings on the policy.  We were glad to help.  The policy was issued on 09/29/2016.

What types of insurance coverage do you offer in Aurora?

A Plus Insurance offers a variety of insurance coverage in Aurora, including auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, and more. Our team works with multiple carriers to find the best rates and coverage options tailored to your needs.

How can I save money on my insurance premiums in Aurora?

To save money on insurance premiums in Aurora, consider bundling your policies, maintaining a good driving record, installing security features in your home, and exploring available discounts. A Plus Insurance can help you explore these options and find the most cost-effective solutions.

Questions about insurance in Aurora? Call us at 1.888.445.2793.

If you have any questions about insurance in Aurora or need personalized assistance, feel free to call A Plus Insurance at 1.888.445.2793. Our dedicated team is ready to provide expert advice and help you find the best insurance rates in Aurora.

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