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Affordable Auto Insurance in San Juan, Texas

Most Affordable SR-22 Insurance in San Juan

You may be required to carry SR-22 Insurance, but what is the average cost? Typically, SR-22 insurance is a one time fee of $25 for your entire insurance term, some companies charge more, or do not offer that coverage

CompanyAverage (SR22 Fee)
Assurance America$25
Bristol West$35
Progressive5% (average)
State FarmSR22 Not available
The General$25
TravelersSR22 Not available

Affordable Full Coverage Rates In San Juan, Texas

Full coverage insurance may be required if you are financing a new vehicle. Shop our insurance rates in San Juan for additional savings on your full coverage rates

RankCompanyAverage price
4The General$144.00
5Bristol West$145.00
6Dairyland (Viking)$196.00
7Liberty Mutual$205.00

Most Affordable Car Insurance In San Juan by Credit Score

Credit is a rating factor used by insurance companies to determine a customers premium. The better credit you have, the lower the risk, in return you will see cheaper insurance rates

Credit Impact on Insurance rates in San Juan
Average Premium by Score

Find Insurance Companies We Represent in San Juan for Most Affordable Auto Insurance

We are licensed to work in several states, as well as several insurance companies providing you with a competitive insurance rate.

Insurance Companies in San Juan, Texas that we represent
Assurance America
The General
Foremost Star
Bristol West
Best Choice
Orion 181

Maintain Affordable Auto Insurance – Prepare for San Juan’s Weather Conditions

Summer high: The July high is around 95 degrees
Winter Low: The January low is 37 degrees
Rain: 33 Inches of rain a year
Snow: 0 inches of snow per year
Weather in San Juan is hot and sunny on average, but can get up to 33 inches of rain a year. Roads can we wet and slippery with rainfall and could be the cause of an accident. Don’t let your insurance rates go up-drive with caution in the rain

Most Affordable Liability and Full Coverage rates in San Juan

On Average, insurance premiums are higher in San Juan, Texas than the overall state average. Make sure you are shopping multiple companies and looking for discounts to save money on your car insurance premium

Liability Insurance rates in San JuanLiability State Average
Full Coverage Insurance in San JuanFull Coverage TX average

Additional Insurance Products We Offer In San Juan, Texas

Bundling your auto and home policies can save you money. We also offer other products such as renters, motorcycle, and boat insurance that you are able to bundle and save

Type of CoverageOur Top Companies
Home InsuranceTravelers, ASI, Foremost Star
Motorcycle InsuranceDairyland, Progressive
Renters InsuranceASI, Foremost
RV InsuranceProgressive, Travelers
Commercial Auto InsuranceProgressive
Car InsuranceProgressive, Dairyland,
Boat InsuranceTravelers, Progressive

How Neighboring Cities and Zip Codes Affect Your Insurance Premium in San Juan

Neighborhoods in San Juan, TexasCities Near San JuanZip Codes in San Juan
AlazanLufklin, Texas75961
Fredonia HillHenderson, Texas75962
Bonita JunctionJacksonville, Texas75963
Orton HillKilgore, Texas
Rate revisions are used to help determine premiums, insurance companies look at the amount of claims in an area and the amount of money paid out in claims. If an area or surrounding areas has an increased amount of accidents/claims, insurance premiums will likely go up for EVERYONE to compensate for the loss

Rating Factors That Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates In San Juan

Rating factors are used to determine how high of a risk a potential customer is. The lower the risk, the more favorable the client in return seeing greater insurance savings

What Rating Factors Affect Your Insurance Rates?
FactorRate Impact
vehicle performance (symbol)Medium
Color of carnone
How long have you owned the vehicleLow
Vehicle Make and ModelMedium
lien holderNone
Major Violations (DUI,DWI,etc)High
Insurance HistoryMedium
Marital StatusMedium
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