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Cheapest Car Insurance For Young Drivers in Rowlett, TX

Around 25% of claims are male drivers under the age of 25.

Because young drivers are statistically more prone to be in accidents, their insurance is usually higher. See some example rates below.

CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$139
National General$141
The General$145
American Family$148
Acceptance RTR$151
Mendota Ins. Company$159
Liberty Mutual$163

Lowest Cost Liability Only Insurance in Rowlett, TX

Texas State Liability Minimum Requirements: 30/60/25

Liability insurance is going to help cover the other drivers damage costs, if you are found at fault. Here are a few rates for liability insurance.

CompanyAverage Cost
National General$82
Progressive Insurance$87
Acceptance RTR$98

Most Affordable Insurance With Clean Driving History in Rowlett, TX

Keep your driving squeaky clean. Avoid accidents, violations, & points

Keeping your driving history clean, keeps your auto insurance at a great price! Here are some companies and example rates.

CompanyAverage Rate
Progressive Insurance$130
21st Century$131
The General$136
Acceptance RTR$144

Cheapest Auto Insurance With Dui, Accidents, Violations in Rowlett, TX

An at-fault accident in TX can cause insurance rates to go up 42.7%

Having an at fault accident on your record doesn’t mean your insurance will be high forever. Insurance companies generally look at the past 3-5 years.

CompanyAverage Cost
National General$154
Mendota Ins. Company$155
Acceptance RTR$164
Progressive Insurance$165

Cheapest Insurance For Female drivers in Rowlett, TX

Statistics show at age 35, women start seeing higher rates than men

Females usually pay less in insurance than men. Statistics show that women are less likely to make claims or have violations.

CompanyAverage Cost
The General$132
21st Century$133
National General$138

Cheapest Insurance For Male Drivers in Rowlett, TX

Statistics show men account for 68 to 70% of car accidents

Because of the fact that men tend to drive more than women, their insurance rates can look higher. Below are a few example rates.

CompanyAverage Rate
National General$154
Acceptance RTR$155
Mendota Ins. Company$162
21st Century$170

Best Broadform/NonOwners Auto Insurance in Rowlett, TX

If you are in need of liability insurance and don’t have a car, non owners would be for you

Broadform policy simply put follows you as a driver, instead of a specific vehicle. Give us a call to find out more about the two!

CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$88
The General$123
Bristol West$135
Mendota Ins. Company$152

Best Full Coverage Car Insurance in Rowlett, TX

There is no one insurance policy that covers “everything.”

Full coverage includes liability, comprehensive and collision. Having full coverage protects you and the other driver in the event of an accident.

CompanyAverage Cost
National General$127
American Family$142
Progressive Insurance$145
Mendota Ins. Company$156
Bristol West$161

Most Affordable Insurance With Bundle / Homeowners Discount in Rowlett, TX

Bundling: Purchasing multiple insurance polices from one company

Studies show that when you bundle, you can see savings up to 25% in your premium! See today if you can bundle your auto and home insurance.

CompanyAverage Cost
National General$130
The General$141
Acceptance RTR$150
Mendota Ins. Company$152
Bristol West$156

Cheapest Auto Insurance With Bad credit, poor credit in Rowlett, TX

Typically anything lower than 601 is considered bad credit

When it comes to insurance, they look at your credit and if you have poor credit you are considered a risk of making more claims.

CompanyAverage Rate
Bristol West$156
National General$157
Acceptance RTR$158
21st Century$170
The General$172
Mendota Ins. Company$179

Rowlett, TX at a Glance: Helpful Information

Rowlett Zip Codes: 75030 | 75088 | 75089
Nearby Cities: Garland, TX | Sachse, TX | Plano, TX
Neighborhoods In Rowlett, TX: Lakeshore Park Estates, Lakewood Pointe, Magnolia Landing
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