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Cheapest Car Insurance In Sc[A Plus Insurance]
Cheapest Car Insurance In Sc[A Plus Insurance]

Best Auto Insurance in Conway, SC

Lowest Cost Car Insurance With Bundle / Homeowners Discount in Conway, SC

Bundling: Purchasing multiple insurance polices from one company

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
21st Century$131
Acceptance RTR$139
The General$144
Mendota Ins. Company$147
Bundling your home and auto insurance can save you quite a bundle! Ask your insurance agent for a quote today.

Lowest Cost Full Coverage Insurance in Conway, SC

There is no one insurance policy that covers “everything.”

If you finance your vehicle, chances are your leinholder will reqire you to carry full coverage to protect the vehicle. See the rates below for full coverage in Conway, SC

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$129
Bristol West$130
Acceptance RTR$146
Mendota Ins. Company$150
Progressive Insurance$159
Liberty Mutual$160
American Family$161

Lowest Cost Car Insurance With Bad credit, poor credit in Conway, SC

Typically anything lower than 601 is considered bad credit

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Acceptance RTR$156
21st Century$165
Mendota Ins. Company$171
Bristol West$177
The General$180
National General$182
Not all companies will pull a hard report on your credit for a quote, but your insurance score is a big part of your insurance rates. It would be a good idea to take good care of your credit.

Lowest Cost Auto Insurance For Young Drivers in Conway, SC

Statistics show that the younger you are, the more you will pay for insurance

Younger drivers tend to get into more accidents, and obtain more tickets than the average adult. This puts young drivers in a high risk catagory with insurance companies

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$153
Bristol West$155
Acceptance RTR$157

Lowest Cost Auto Insurance With Dui, Accidents, Violations in Conway, SC

An at-fault accident in SC can cause insurance rates to go up 42.7%

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Acceptance RTR$164
Bristol West$169
Mendota Ins. Company$171
The General$176
21st Century$179
The top traffic violations to avoid getting are DUI’s and car accidents. These can make your rates sky rocket. See the rates above for how your auto insurance premium can look with accidents and violations.

Lowest Cost Car Insurance For Male Drivers in Conway, SC

Statistics show men account for 68 to 70% of car accidents

Insurance providers view male drivers as a higher risk than female drivers. This is especially true for a younger male.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$155
Mendota Ins. Company$184

Lowest Cost Insurance For Female drivers in Conway, SC

Statistics show at age 35, women start seeing higher rates than men

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$138
The General$139
Mendota Ins. Company$144
21st Century$146
Acceptance RTR$160
Bristol West$160
Men typically drive more frequently than women. This is one of the of the reasons females see lower cost insurance than males.

Lowest Cost Liability Only Car Insurance in Conway, SC

South Carolina State Liability Minimum Requirements: 25/50/25

If you just require liability only in Conway, SC, Dairyland Insurance offers the best rates. See below for more rates in your area.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$82
Progressive Insurance$83
The General$92
Mendota Ins. Company$96
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Conway, SC at a Glance: Helpful Information

Conway Zip Codes: 29528 | 29527 | 29526
Nearby Cities: Wannamaker, SC | Litchfield Beach, SC | Calabash, SC
Neighborhoods In Conway, SC: Sandridge, Saint Paul Forks, Bucksport

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