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Online Resources List

The Ultimate Insurance Glossary

F.A.i.Q’s(Frequently Asked Insurance Questions) (coming soon)

Auto Section

Personal Auto Insurance – Buyers Guide

A College Students Guide to Insurance

SR22 Insurance

Commercial Auto Buyers Guide

How to Get Insurance as an Uber or Lyft Driver



Delivery service Guides

Auto Accidents & Claims

Guide to Filing an Auto Claim

Hit by an Uninsured Motorist Now What?

Auto Repair Guide

New Car Replacement Guide


Windshield Repair and Replacement Guide


Got A DUI – What Now?

Young & Youthful Drivers Guide to Insurance



Colorado Auto Theft Guide & Statistics



Auto Insurance Claims- When to talk to an Attorney


Hail Damage (Auto) Guide



Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance – Buyers Guide

Umbrella Insurance, A Buyers Guide


Renters Insurance Buyers Guide

Steps to take before have a claim


Home Claims & Repair

How to File a Homeowners Claim

How to Choose a Handyman or Contractor for Home Repairs

Home Repair Guide,What to Expect While Under Construction

Home Insurance Claim- When to talk to an Attorney

Home Insurance Claim- When to talk to an Attorney

What the Hail? A Homeowners Guide to Hail Damage

 Other Resources

Buying Motorcycle Insurance

Term Life Insurance Buyers Guide


Colorado Fatalities Map

Case studies-claims/repairs

Insurance Companies

Progressive Auto Insurance


Travelers Insurance

Bristol West Foremost

Just for fun

Odd things people have insured

25 Best Car Repair Fails


25 Home Repair Fails