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SR22 Insurance Louisiana: Laws

In Louisiana, if your license has been suspended or revoked, you will be required to carry an SR-22. The type of offense and number of offenses will determine the amount of time an SR-22 will be required. If you are unclear of your unique situation, contact your local DMV for answers.

State Minimum Liability Requirements

Required Liability Coverage:
$15,000 bodily injury liability per person
$30,000 bodily injury liability per accident
$25,000 property damage liability per accident
Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Rejection Form Required

SR22 Insurance Louisiana: Who has the lowest price?

If you’re looking for the lowest price on SR22 insurance Louisiana, Progressive typically offers the most competitive rates. Depending on your driving history and the specific requirements of your policy, Progressive’s rates for SR22 coverage can be significantly lower than other providers in the state. This can be especially beneficial for drivers seeking to maintain affordability while meeting state insurance mandates.

It’s important to compare options as rates can vary based on several factors including age, driving record, and the type of vehicle insured. Below is a table comparing estimated monthly premiums for SR22 insurance from carriers we partner with:

Baton RougeNational General
River RidgeThe General
JenningsThe General
Breaux BridgeGeico
PinevilleThe General
Denham SpringsThe General
Moss BluffLiberty Mutual
Morgan CityProgressive
Belle ChasseThe General
Fort Polk SouthThe General
DeRidderLiberty Mutual
LafayetteNational General
GardereLiberty Mutual
PrienThe General
MindenLiberty Mutual
CarencroBristol West
AbbevilleLiberty Mutual
Bossier CityProgressive
Oak Hills PlaceThe General
OpelousasThe General
MandevilleThe General
West MonroeProgressive
Where you live affects your insurance rates. Each city listed above will differ in price for your Louisiana Sr22 insurance quote.

These estimates provide a snapshot to help you gauge where you might find the cheapest rates for SR22 insurance in Louisiana. Remember, choosing the right insurance goes beyond just finding the lowest price; consider the quality of service, ease of policy management, and reliability of claims handling.

List of Factors Affecting SR22 Premiums in Louisiana:

  • Driving Record (accidents, DUIs, violations)
  • Type of Coverage (full coverage, liability only)
  • Vehicle Model and Age
  • Driver’s Age and Credit History

Choosing the right provider and understanding the factors affecting your premiums will help you secure the most cost-effective and reliable SR22 insurance in Louisiana.

SR22 Insurance Louisiana: DUIs and SR-22s

If your license has become suspended from a convicted DUI, you will be required to carry an SR-22 for at least 3 years. The number of offenses will increase the amount of time required.

Need More Details about SR22s? We have your Ultimate Guide Here

SR22 Insurance Indiana

SR22 Insurance Louisiana: Need an SR-22 but no vehicle?

If you need an SR-22 but don’t own a vehicle, your best option in Louisiana is non-owners SR22 insurance, with Progressive often providing the most affordable rates. This type of policy is designed for drivers who need to meet legal requirements for insurance but do not have a car registered in their name. It covers you, not a specific vehicle, when you drive occasionally.

Securing a non-owners SR22 policy can be straightforward and cost-effective, especially when you work with insurers familiar with this unique coverage need. Here’s a comparison of estimated monthly premiums for non-owners SR22 insurance from several carriers:

Insurance CompanyEstimated Monthly PremiumCoverage Type
Progressive$35 – $65Non-Owners
Dairyland$40 – $70Non-Owners
Bristol West$45 – $75Non-Owners

These figures are estimates and will vary based on personal factors such as your driving history and the frequency with which you drive.

List of Requirements for Non-Owners SR22 Insurance in Louisiana:

  • Proof of a valid driver’s license
  • A declaration that you do not own a vehicle
  • Occasional access to a vehicle not owned by you

Non-owners SR22 insurance in Louisiana is an excellent solution if you need to fulfill legal insurance requirements without owning a vehicle, offering both coverage and peace of mind while keeping costs manageable.

SR22 Insurance Louisiana, you can purchase a Named Operator or Non-Owners policy with the State Minimum Liability limits. You will need to add the SR-22 filing to that policy. This will meet the requirements per the state, and you can also drive any Non Owned vehicle.

SR22 Insurance Louisiana: Average cost for Liability

CompanySR22 Liability (Average)
State AutoN/A
Acceptance RTR$94.00
21st CenturyN/A
American FamilyN/A
The General$76.00
State FarmN/A
Bristol West$121.00
National General$106.00
Mendota Ins. Company$84.00
Progressive Insurance$66.00
Liberty Mutual$85.00
To obtain an Sr22 you must at least have the state minimum liability requirements on your insurance company. These rates are listed above for your review.

SR22 Insurance Louisiana: Which companies offer SR-22s?

CompanySR22 Offered
State Farmunsure
21st Centuryno
Bristol Westyes
American Familyno
National Generalyes
Acceptance RTRyes
Liberty Mutualyes
The Generalyes
Progressive InsuranceYes
State Autono
Mendota Ins. Companyyes
Assurance Americayes
We have complied a list of companies that offer Sr22 in Louisiana, and some companies that do not offer this filing.

SR22 Insurance Louisiana: Please pay Child Support

Failure to pay child support could result in a suspended license. In order to be able to drive, you will need to carry at least the State Minimum liability requirements in Louisiana. The SR-22 filing can be added onto that policy, which will report your insurance to the State on your behalf.

SR22 Insurance Louisiana: Frequently Asked Questions

What is SR22 insurance in Louisiana?

SR22 insurance in Louisiana is not a separate insurance policy but a form that demonstrates you have the minimum required auto insurance coverage. It’s often required for drivers who’ve had serious traffic violations, such as a DUI/DWI or license suspension.

How do I obtain SR22 insurance in Louisiana?

To obtain SR22 insurance in Louisiana, you’ll need to contact an insurance brokerage specializing in SR22 filings. Our brokerage assists in acquiring the necessary coverage and filing the SR22 form with the state authorities on your behalf.

Why choose our brokerage for SR22 insurance in Louisiana?

Our brokerage stands out for its expertise in SR22 filings, ensuring swift processing and comprehensive coverage. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us at 1.888.445.2793.
SR22 Insurance in Louisiana
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