Insurance Aurora, CO

Most people who pay too much for their car insurance are not aware that this is happening.  The main reason people overpay is that they never bother to get any quotes. Those who already have Insurance Aurora policies tend to renew a policy without bothering to quote other auto insurance Aurora companies.

How Do I get a new insurance quote? – Aurora, CO?

When your policy is about to expire, that is the time to start shopping for the best price. Auto insurance agents in Aurora can be found on the Internet, so it is not necessary to start calling companies around town. In fact, it is much easier to request multiple quotes on the Internet than it is by phone.

One convenient way to do this is to write down all of your requirements for a car insurance policy. You can then gather the emails of all of the car insurance Aurora CO. companies you want to receive a quote from.

You then can create a single email addressed to agents and sent it to several companies at once. This is an excellent way to get low priced car Insurance Aurora policies because the single biggest factor in getting a lower rate is to obtain a sufficient amount of quotations.

List of Information needed for a quote:

  • Name and Date of Birth of all drivers
  • Mailing address or physical address of where vehicles are kept
  • Driving history for all drivers (5 years for accidents, five years for tickets)
  • Type of coverage needed:  Full coverage or just liability
  • Discounts:  Do you have current insurance, are you a homeowner, are you married?
  • Year, make, and model of the vehicles needed to be quoted (VIN’s are helpful)

Sample General Email for Insurance quotes:

To whom it may concern,

My name is John Smith, I am shopping around for insurance, and I would like to have you generate some quotes for me.

I need full coverage on my 2013 Nissan Xterra, with a $500 deductible.  My date of birth is 03/31/1965.  I am a single male who has had no accidents in the past five years, but I do have two speeding tickets in the past year.

My Address is 121 Main St, Aurora, CO  80012.

I do not currently have a policy, I rent my home, and I am the only driver.

Please send me some insurance quotes to my email of

Thank you for your time.

Don’t wait years to shop around your insurance policy

Some people wait years to get a quotation and find out that they have been paying entirely too much for their policy. At A plus, we are a brokerage who works with several different insurance carriers.  This way we have the opportunity to shop insurance rates upon renewal or even midterm while still keeping with a staff that you have already come to know and trust.

Insurance rates will vary, and our staff has the tools and resources available to see which of our carriers has taken on rate increases as well as rate decreases in your area.

We feel that it is important to review your insurance policies at least once if not twice a year.  Saving money is important in today’s economy, and we are here to help.

Buying a policy in Aurora Colorado

Another good time to shop for an auto Insurance policy in Aurora is before you purchase a new or used car. It may be a good idea to shop for coverage while you shop for a car. The worst time to buy insurance is after you have purchased the car.

This is because the cost of car Insurance coverage in Aurora Colorado for a particular make and model is part of the cost of operating the vehicle. Two different cars that appeal to you may be close to the price, but once you get a few quotes for auto insurance Aurora policies, you will find that one of the two cars is much cheaper to insure.

A Recent example of an insurance quote in Aurora:

We had a gentleman call to quote six vehicles and six household members for insurance.  Two of the four vehicles were full coverage, while as four of the vehicles were basic liability insurance.  Of the six members of the household, two drivers were teenagers with great grades, two members have recently married daughter and her new husband, and the primary drivers were Mom and Dad of the children.

We were able to quote, issue, and bind a policy that same day, dropping their previous premium cost from close to $750.00 per month, down to $575.00, and this also included two tickets for one driver.

This policy was placed through Progressive insurance, and now all household members are covered while driving any of the six vehicles listed.

The customer is pleased with the convenience and savings on the policy.  We were glad to help.  The policy was issued on 09/29/2016.