Auto Insurance Englewood Colorado [Affordable Rates in 2021]

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Auto Insurance Englewood Colorado


Insurance is one of the household bills that people look to save money where they can without sacrificing overall benefits and coverage.  One of the best ways to lower your insurance cost is to check and see what discounts your and your household drivers may qualify for.  Many carriers have discounts for good students, prior insurance discounts, and bundling multiple policies together.  It is best to shop your insurance rates every few years as discounts may change.

New Customers in Englewood, Colorado Save on Average$597.55
Number of Eggs you could buy5412
Pound of bananas you could buy1157
Pound of Potatoes you could purchase853

“Liability and Full coverage in Englewood Colorado”

It is mandatory to have liability coverage in Englewood Colorado, while driving on the roads.  Quality insurance policies do not have to cost a fortune.  The minimum limits required in Colorado are $25,000 per person for bodily injury protection, up to $50,000 per accident in bodily injury protection, and up to $15,000 in property damage protection per accident. Increasing these limits can provide more protection with minimal rate increase.  Full coverage in Englewood Colorado simply adds additional value to your policy by adding Comprehensive and Collision coverage in conjunction with your liability.

Average Annual Insurance Rates in Englewood
Liability Insurance rates in EnglewoodLiability State Average
Full Coverage Insurance in EnglewoodFull Coverage CO average

“Your Credit and how it affects your insurance premiums” 

Does my credit impact my insurance cost?  The short answer is YES!  Not all insurance companies utilize credit scores as rating factors in insurance calculations.   The industry standard within Englewood Colorado, and other surrounding counties is most insurance companies will use credit scores.  A higher credit score typically suggests that the insured is cautious, aware, and alert while driving and less likely to be involved in an at fault accident. Studies have shown the correlation between smart money handling and safe driving techniques.

Credit Impact on Insurance rates in Englewood
Average Premium by Score

“Top 10 Vehicles We Insure in Englewood” 

The year, make and model of your vehicle will determine your insurance cost both for just liability coverage, and also for full coverage.  In Englewood Colorado, some of the lowest rates we have seen for liability coverage include Mazda, Buick, and Jeeps. Subaru’s, Buicks, and Toyota’s have seen favorable rates in Englewood for Full Coverage with $1000 deductible for Comprehensive and Collision.  Factory installed safety features also will help ease the cost of insurance.


“Insurance rating factors in Englewood” 

Rating factors are simply the specifications an insurance carrier uses while determining insurance rates.  Some rating factors will have higher impacts than others.  In Englewood Colorado, we have seen that two of the highest rating factors that impact insurance costs are Driving records (history) and also Credit.  Your gender and insurance history seem to have more of a medium or moderate impact when it comes to determining insurance rates. Below are a few of the examples.

What Rating Factors Affect Your Insurance Rates?
FactorRate Impact
How long have you owned the vehicleLow
Credit historyHigh
Insurance HistoryMedium
Color of carnone
Type of Vehicle CoverageMedium
Anual MileageLow
lien holderNone
Driving recordHigh

” Englewood Weather and Driving conditions” 

Driving conditions in Colorado can change on a drop of a hat.  We all know the crazy weather patterns throughout Englewood and along the Rocky Mountains.  With 62 inches of snow on average per year, it is best to practice safe driving techniques.  Give yourself plenty of time and distance between you and others on the road.  Go hands free, no texting and driving.  Keep your attention on the roads and enjoy all that Englewood Colorado has to offer in the beautiful scenery.

Englewood, Colorado
Summer High:
 the July high is around 88 degrees
Winter Low: the January low is 18
Rain: averages 17 inches of rain a year
Snow: averages 62 inches of snow a year

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