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Car Insurance Littleton

Even though it’s just 20 minutes from Denver’s center, this historic suburb’s downtown is a destination unto itself, with art galleries, an epic beer bar, boutique shops and its own art center. And that’s just one reason why families have been moving to Littleton for generations

Car Insurance Littleton-Cheapest liability rates

Car Insurance Littleton
Car Insurance Littleton

Below you will see a chart with the Insurance company name, and the average cost of liability auto insurance with that company.

The average rate for car insurance in Littleton with Progressive is $85. Whereas, Liberty Mutual is on the more expensive end at about $126. Of course, all insurance companies try to be competitive with their rates, some are going to be better than others.

Do you have one of the companies below? What are you paying on average for liability insurance?

RankCompanyAverage Price
2Dairyland (Viking)$96.00
4The General$109.00
6Bristol West$118.00
7Liberty Mutual$126.00
Car Insurance Littleton

Car Insurance Littleton: Discounts from Each Company 

We have complied a list of discounts each company offers in Littleton Colorado.

The General offers a Homeowners discount, which is applied for owning your own home. This is because home owners are more likely to be in good standing with paying their bills. They also offer a Paid in Full discount, which would be paying for the full premium up front. This can lead to major savings, up to $20 a month cheaper vs opting to do monthly payments.

The General
Auto PayMarried
Paid in FullAuto Pay
MarriedPaid in Full
Continuous InsuranceContinuous Insurance
HomeownersMulti Vehicle
No Accidents or ViolationsNo Accidents or Violations
Multi VehicleHomeowners
Car Insurance Littleton

Nearby cities and neighborhoods 

Below is a list of the nearby cities and neighborhoods in Littleton, Colorado.

Auto Insurance companies look at the number of insurance claims in nearby cities to determine the cost to insure upon their rate revisions.

Every 6 months, or 12 months, you should receive a “renewal offer” in the mail. This has your upcoming insurance premium. If a zip code has had less accidents/claims, the renewal offer may be lower. If the zip code and surrounding areas has gone up in accidents, you may notice your rates increase as well.

Neighborhoods in Littleton, ColoradoCities Near LittletonZip Codes in Littleton
Downtown LittletonHighlands Ranch, CO80110
Littleton Histric DistrictLakewood, CO80122
Marston LakeCastlewood, CO
Englewood, CO
Car Insurance Littleton

Car Insurance Littleton Sample rates

We created a sample list of the prices you could expect to pay for car insurance Littleton.

Do keep in mind, these are only sample rates, the rate you receive from an agent may differ due to many factors that go into an auto policy.

Factors can include but are not limited to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Driving History
  • Vehicle Make / Model
  • Type of Policy (Liability or Full Coverage)
  • Etc.

Make certain when discussing with an agent, what policy you are looking for. Also be sure to ask about what discounts you could be eligible for to ensure you get the best rates!

Car Insurance Littleton, CO | Sample Rates
Sample Quote / Policy Location: Littleton
Agent: Lauren
Current Company: Progressive
Previous Company: Progressive
Who: Motorist
Age: 30
Vehicle: Pontiac 6000
Type of coverage: non owners , med pay
Notes: now, deductible
Rate: $341
Sample Quote / Policy Location: Littleton
Agent: Lauren
Current Company: Mendota
Previous Company: None
Who: Driver
Age: 24
Vehicle: Hyundai Elantra
Type of coverage: auto insurance , med pay
Notes: rates, estimate
Rate: $208
Sample Quote / Policy Location: Littleton
Agent :Jola
Current Company: Progressive
Previous Company: State Farm
Who: Young Driver
Age: 26
Vehicle: Lincoln Navigator L
Type of coverage: broad form , uninsured motorist
Notes: Discount, young driver
Rate: $131
Sample Quote / Policy Location: Littleton
Agent: Jola
Current Company: Travelers
Previous Company: Viking
Who: Insured
Age: 37
Vehicle: BMW M5
Type of coverage: , sr22
Notes: deductible , Insurance Card
Rate: $261
Sample Quote / Policy Location: Littleton
Agent: Lauren
Current Company: Dairyland
Previous Company:
Who: Resident
Age: 48 Vehicle:
Chrysler New Yorker
Type of coverage: full coverage , uninsured motorist
Notes: Price, rates
Rate: $243
Sample Quote / Policy Location: Littleton
Agent: Sy
Current Company: Suncoast
Previous Company: American Family
Who: Motorist
Age: 34
Vehicle: Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab
Type of coverage: full coverage , state min
Notes: state filing, online
Rate: $195
Car Insurance Littleton

Ranked 8th For

  • The best small city to live
  • One of the safest places to live
  • A top choice for a retirement spot
  • And the easiest place to sell your home

Did you know that Littleton is on the highest ranked list of the best places to live in the country? It’s a historic downtown place and you will have lots of activities to do year-round! A few of the places you can go to is, art galleries, beer bar, boutique shops and Littleton even has its own art center. It’s a 13 square mile city and its population is 46,000 and growing every year! It was ranked for many things!

Things Littleton is known for:

  • Jake’s Brew Bar and Kate’s Wine Bar
  • Tea shop
  • Popular Brewery
  • Chocolate Therapy
  • Lots of salons and boutiques
  • Cemetery called Littleton Cemetery—known for being the resting place of Alfred Packer- the only convicted cannibal in U.S. history
  • Hudson Gardens where they host summer concerts, nature tours and beer festivals
  • Platte River Trail—it connects to Downtown Denver and runners, walkers and bicyclists can enjoy awesome mountain views

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