Most Affordable Car Insurance for One Day

Car Insurance For One Day

Cheapest Car Insurance for One Day

It is with the upmost importance to make sure you have insurance while driving any owned or non-owned vehicles. It is also important to know how to get car insurance for one day. It can expose you and others to danger when you drive without insurance. Don’t be one of those uninsured drivers!

When Would You Need Car Insurance for One Day?

Driving Around a Borrowed Car

If you were ever to borrow someone else’s car to drive for a day or a short period of time, some insurance providers will give you coverage while driving the vehicle. Keep in mind if you are not a listed driver on the auto insurance policy you do not have coverage typically. Make sure you go and check to see if there is a policy that will cover you for car insurance for a day. You should also check out rates for the Broadform policy to ensure you have maximum liability coverage if there were to be an accident.

Insure a rental car

There are scenarios where you may need car insurance for one day when you need a rental car or for an extended period of time. Typically we suggest to get the insurance directly through the rental car company to provide maximum coverage for the vehicle you are driving at the time. They will provide a better payout for the vehicle if there is a total loss.

Getting Insurance on a Classic Car for a Day

There is a unique scenario that you may need to use your classic car as a daily driver. With classic vehicles Hagerty provides great vehicle coverage for classic cars as well as storage for the classic vehicles you may own even if you decide to take the vehicle out for a daily drive.

Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-based insurance policy can also give you car insurance for one day. For this type of policy, the insurance company will provide you coverage for the days that you drive the vehicle and then only bill out for those days. Typically with this situation, you should take a look at the Broadform Insurance policy to provide you the most comprehensive coverage for liability.

Drive a Car that Was Previously Stored

We do have some clients that have their vehicles in storage during some winter months. They do store their sports cars, or car kits that they don’t insure fully since they are not drivable. With this type of policy we recommend a storage type of policy to protect the vehicle while it sits. When you pull it out of storage you would just put liability on the vehicle.


There are lots of people out there that do drive their vehicles on a regular basis that do not have auto insurance. It is always optimal that you make sure you have insurance while driving. It protects you for the unknown scenarios of accidents or property damage that might be caused by you driving on the roads.

Broadform Insurance VS Non-Owners Insurance

Broadform Insurance

This coverage only applies while the named operator is operating an owned or not owned auto for personal use. The named operator may not give permission to others to use the vehicle. No business use is allowed. This is also good for temporary, car insurance for a one day if you do not own a vehicle but need insurance.

Non-Owners Insurance

This Coverage should be written when an insured needs liability coverage for the personal operation of a vehicle not owned by the insured, neither owned by a person in the same household, nor provided for a member of the household’s regular use. This is also good for temporary, car insurance for a one day if you do not own a vehicle but need insurance.

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