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Premiums in Grand Junction

After decades of serving millions of customers across the United States, auto insurance companies, and the policies they sell still pose a mystery to potential clients. A variety of factors goes into determining the premium that one must pay and the coverage that they receive. 

Grand Junction is home to a number of different insurance companies. The following tips will help you choose the best agent that sells insurance in Grand Junction:


One of the best ways to find auto insurance in Grand Junction is to get recommendations from friends, families and local businesses. In a city like Grand Junction CO, advertising for auto insurance agencies is often done by word-of-mouth by customers, so finding good and bad reviews for most of the agencies shouldn’t be a problem.  One of our companies we write insurance through is The General.

Local businesses such as auto shops and car dealerships have likely dealt with many of the agencies in town. Ask them about the level of service they receive and how quickly claims are processed. This will give you a good idea of the type of customer service you’ll receive if you do business with them.

Additional Coverage and Policy Extras

Many of the agents that offer auto insurance Grand Junction work with nationally-recognized companies while others own independent franchises. This factor may determine the type of coverage provided, which extras are available as part of the policy you purchase and the price you pay.

Call various auto insurance agencies in Grand Junction to see what types of policies they offer and if they include any extras at no additional cost. Should you do quite a bit of traveling, you might look into getting a policy that includes complimentary emergency services such as towing and rental cars. If you know you qualify for certain discounts, let us know.  But don’t worry our agents are good at finding all of the discounts available to you.

Above All Else: Customer Service

When looking for auto insurance in Grand Junction, customer service should be the primary factor in deciding which agent you choose. Someone from their office should be available to answer questions and respond to your calls should you be involved in an accident. For information on SR22 insurance click here.

Protect yourself with the right amount of insurance and take to the road with confidence.


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