Sr-22 Insurance In Arizona

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

SR-22 Insurance In Arizona

You know you’re an Arizona native when a rainy day puts you in a good mood. Great rates for SR-22 Insurance can also put you in a good mood!

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

SR-22 Insurance In Arizona

You know you’re an Arizona native when a rainy day puts you in a good mood. Great rates for SR-22 Insurance can also put you in a good mood!

Reasons You May Be Required To Carry SR-22 Insurance In Arizona

These are the top reasons you may be asked to carry SR-22 Insurance in Arizona. SR-22 is also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility which generally costs a small fee to add onto an existing insurance policy, at which the insurance company the responsibility of informing the state that you are insured.

Sr 22 Insurance In Arizona4
Excessive points violations
DWI (Driving while intoxicated)
DUI (Driving under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol)
License suspension for failure to pay fines
Suspension of license due to child support
Too many tickets in short period of time
Previous incarceration
Driving while Suspended/revocation
Failure to maintain mandatory insurance coverage required by state law
Multiple Traffic Offenses
At Fault accident with no insurance

Easiest way to obtain SR-22 Insurance in Arizona

You may feel defeated and wonder where to begin in your search for SR-22 Insurance. This process can be new, and intimidating for someone just learning about SR-22 Insurance.

Already Insured? – If you currently have an Insurance policy with liability or full coverage, the simplest and possibly most cost-effective thing to do is to call your insurance provider and ask if they can file an SR-22 on your current policy. Most Insurance companies can for a small fee, which makes the process simple and easy instead of switching around your insurance companies, or taking out a second policy (which is unnecessary).

Not Insured? – If you are not currently insured, you will need to start your search by looking for an insurance company that can accommodate your SR-22. The minimum that you need to carry on your policy is liability, but you can also have a full coverage insurance policy with the SR-22. If you are financing a vehicle, or own a newer vehicle that may require full coverage, consider getting a full coverage insurance policy, and just add the SR-22.

Do not own a vehicle? – What if you don’t even own a vehicle, but you’re now required to purchase an insurance policy with an SR-22 to comply with the State? This may be the most confusing part of it all, but we are here to make it very simple. Arizona offers a ‘Non-Owners Policy’, which will insure the driver for liability coverage only, driving any non-owned vehicle. If you do not own a vehicle, but need an SR-22, this is the type of policy you will need to obtain.

DUI & SR-22 Insurance In Arizona

By Arizona law, a driver who is convicted of a DUI will be required to carry a SR-22 filing for at least 3 years. The Insurance company of which the SR-22 filing is with, will be responsible for reporting that to the state, letting them know that you are insured. If at any time your insurance lapses, or cancels, the state will also be notified. The amount of time you are required to carry the SR-22 will be reset, starting completely over.

It is very important to not allow your insurance to lapse or cancel in any circumstance. You may also be required to pay any SR-22 related fees, or reinstatement fees again.

Arizona Sr22 Insurance Requirements

By Arizona law, these are the minimum insurance requirements. This will pay out to the other party if you are liable in the accident (otherwise known as an At Fault Accident). The minimum amount is $25,000 per person for bodily injury, up to $50,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. If there are multiple people hurt in the accident, your liability will cover up to $25,000 for each person and only up to $50,000 per each accident.

StateState MinPIP?

Cheap down payment options for SR-22 Insurance in Arizona

Each Insurance company offers different payment plans. Some companies require 16% of the total premium down, as well as 20% or 25% down. Generally, if you have good credit, you will be offered a wide array of payment plans. If you are looking for the lowest possible monthly payments, you can select a higher down payment, such as 25% down.

If you need to find the cheapest down payment and are not too concerned about the monthly payments, you’ll select 16% down. Most companies also offer Pay in-full options, where you pay for the entire premium upfront, whether that be a 3-month term, 6-month, or 12 month. This option will save you the most money in the long run, and you do not need to worry about making monthly payments for the entirety of the term.

Rates For SR-22 Insurance In Arizona By Company (Liability Only)

Liability Insurance is the minimum requirement to make you legal on the road, and the minimum requirement in order to obtain an SR-22. The cost for liability Insurance is calculated based on a number of factors, but on average the cost for an SR-22 added onto a liability policy is only $25 for each insurance term. Not all companies offer SR-22 Insurance, below is a list of the companies that do offer cheap liability/SR-22 Insurance.

CompanySR22 Liability (average)
21st CenturyN/A
Acceptance RTR$110.00
National General$104.00
State FarmN/A
Liberty Mutual$135.00

Laws Pertaining To SR-22 Insurance In Arizona

Sr-22 Insurance In Arizona

Drivers in the State of Arizona are required to be covered by liability insurance. The insurance must be obtained through an authorized company which has the permission to do business in the state. If an individual fails to provide proof of insurance, they will be required to carry an SR-22. An SR-22 filing is not an insurance policy, but an attachment added onto a policy letting the state know that you are carrying the minimum required insurance by law.

Buying options for SR-22 Insurance in Arizona

Once you’ve found a reputable Insurance company that offers SR-22 Insurance, go over the different payment plans with your agent to see what might work best, and is cheapest in the long run. If you can afford to pay the entire premium in full, that will save you hundreds over the term and will be the cheapest option. If you decide to stick with monthly payments, consider putting in a larger down payment, in order to keep the monthly payments low and affordable.

Cost Of SR-22 Insurance In Arizona (Full Coverage)

Financing a vehicle that requires you to carry full coverage? You can have full coverage and an SR-22 filing on the same policy, as long as the company offers SR-22s. Check for the average cost for SR-22 and full coverage by the city in Arizona. Full coverages consist of Comprehensive and Collision.

Comprehensive – Covers your vehicle for things like theft, vandalism, fire, glass breakage, and impact with an animal, such as a deer, javelina, or coyote, common to Arizona.

Collision– Covers your vehicle for impact with another vehicle, or an object.

San Tan Valley$152
Gold Canyon$169
Tuba City$173
Bullhead City$161
Picture Rocks$177
Green Valley$154

Company Fees For A Financial Responsibly Form SR-22 Insurance in Arizona

Many Insurance companies charge a small fee for the SR-22 filing for each Insurance term. The fee is generally $0-$25/term. Some companies, like Dairyland, do not charge a fee at all, which often makes them the cheapest option.

Progressive Insurance$25.00
21st Centuryna
National GeneralNA
American Familyna
Acceptance RTR$25.00
Bristol West$25.00
Liberty Mutual$15-$25
Mendota Ins. Company$25.00

Which Companies Offer SR-22 Insurance in Arizona?

Searching for a cheap, but reputable insurance company can seem like a daunting, time consuming task, especially when you are now tasked to find a company that can file an SR-22. Not all Insurance companies offer SR-22, because the driver is generally a ‘higher risk’. If you are required to carry an SR-22, you may have gotten a DUI, or another major conviction, which some insurance companies will not want to insure you if you have that on your record. We have made it easier by compiling a list of Insurance companies in Arizona, that do offer SR-22 for a low, affordable cost. State Farm Insurance is another company that does offer SR-22 filings.

CompanySR22 Offered
Bristol WestYes
The GeneralYes
Mendota Ins. CompanyYes
Progressive InsuranceYes
State AutoNo
American FamilyNo
21st CenturyNo
National GeneralYes
Acceptance RTRYes

Easiest plans for SR-22 Insurance in Arizona

If you are looking for the basic, cheapest SR-22 Insurance in Arizona, consider purchasing a liability only policy if you own your own vehicle, or purchase a Non Owners (Named Operator policy).

If you require full coverage on your vehicle, purchase a full coverage insurance policy, and just add the SR-22 for a small fee. Typically, drivers think SR-22 is very expensive. Realistically, the SR-22 itself is not expensive. The violation, ticket, or accident a driver received that required the SR-22 initially is what makes the insurance expensive.

How do I find cheap SR-22 Insurance in Arizona?

If you are already insured, start by contacting your insurance provider to see if they can accommodate an SR-22.

How can I get SR-22 Insurance if I do not own a vehicle?

In Arizona, you can purchase a Non Owners, or Named Operator policy. This policy has the State Minimum liability requirements, as well as an SR-22 filing that can be added onto the insurance policy. This policy will cover you driving any NON owned vehicle, as well as comply with the SR-22.

Which companies have the cheapest SR-22 prices?

Dairyland Insurance offers cheap Insurance policies, whether you need liability only, or full coverage on your vehicle. They are one of few companies that DO NOT charge for the SR-22.


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