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Lowest Cost Insurance in Harlingen, TX

Harlingen Insurance

We’ve got you covered when it comes to insurance needs in the lovely state of Texas.

Harlingen Insurance

Harlingen Insurance Cheapest Insurance for young drivers

Young drivers are going to pay more for auto insurance. Don’t worry, with age comes with lower rates.

CompanyAverage Cost
National General$132
Bristol West$141
American Family$145
21st Century$150
Harlingen Insurance

Least Expensive Liability Only Car Harlingen Insurance

Liability insurance protects you from having to pay out of pocket for damages and injury you caused by an accident. Below are some example rates.

CompanyAverage Cost
The General$86
Mendota Ins. Company$88
Harlingen Insurance

Least Expensive Harlingen Insurance With Dui, Accidents, Violations

Insurance companies look back 3-5 years when looking at violations and accidents. Here are some carriers and the average rates for at fault accidents on their record.

CompanyAverage Cost
Bristol West$152
National General$155
Progressive Insurance$159
Acceptance RTR$160
Harlingen Insurance

Harlingen Insurance : Best prices for Female Drivers

Women aren’t considered as much of a high risk as men are, due to the fact that men drive more. Below you can see some insurance companies and their average rates.

CompanyAverage Cost
The General$132
Mendota Ins. Company$136
Progressive Insurance$145
National General$147
Liberty Mutual$158
State Auto$158

Lowest Cost SR22 Harlingen Insurance

SR22 is a form filed with your state to prove you have liability insurance. Below are some companies that provide SR22, some may also charge a filing fee.

CompanyAverage Cost
The General$97
National General$103
Mendota Ins. Company$111
Progressive Insurance$112
State Farm$112

Cheapest Broad-form/Non-Owners Auto Insurance in Harlingen, TX

If you do not own a car and/or drive someone’s else vehicles, broad-form policy may be the one for you. Check this article out and see more info on broad-form and non-owners.

CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$114
The General$117
Bristol West$131

Best Full Coverage Harlingen Insurance

Full Coverage consists of liability insurance, comprehensive and collision. This covers you and prevents you from paying out of pocket if an accident occurs.

CompanyAverage Cost
Bristol West$133
National General$133
Progressive Insurance$135
21st Century$153
Harlingen Insurance

Lowest Cost Harlingen Insurance With Bundle / Homeowners

Bundling your auto and your home and others can save you over 25% of your premium. Call us today to help you bundle!

CompanyAverage Cost
National General$131
Mendota Ins. Company$132
The General$139
21st Century$142
Harlingen Insurance

Best Car Insurance With Bad Credit, Poor Credit in Harlingen, TX

Credit can affect your insurance, having poor credit can increase your insurance rates. Here are a few companies and example rates.

CompanyAverage Rate
Mendota Ins. Company$165
Progressive Insurance$167
Harlingen Insurance

Lowest Cost Auto Insurance With Good Credit in Harlingen, TX

Having good credit is a big impact on your auto insurance rates! That can show insurance companies you are not as much of a risk of making claims.

CompanyAverage Cost
21st Century$132
Bristol West$133
Mendota Ins. Company$135
Acceptance RTR$144
Harlingen Insurance

What types of insurance does A Plus Insurance offer in Harlingen?

A Plus Insurance in Harlingen offers a variety of insurance types, including auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, and more. Our experienced team shops multiple carriers to help you find the best rates and coverage tailored to your needs.

How can I request a quote for insurance coverage in Harlingen?

Requesting a quote for insurance coverage in Harlingen is easy. You can call us directly at 1.888.445.2793 or visit our website to fill out a quote request form. Our team will assist you in finding competitive rates for the coverage you need.

Questions about insurance in Harlingen? Call us at 1.888.445.2793.

If you have any questions about insurance in Harlingen or need personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to call A Plus Insurance at 1.888.445.2793. Our dedicated team is ready to provide expert guidance and help you secure the best insurance rates.

Harlingen, TX at a Glance: Helpful Information

Neighborhoods In Harlingen, TX: Adams Crossing, Adams Landing, Arcadia Village

Nearby Cities: Penitas, TX | South Padre Island, TX | Palmhurst, TX

Harlingen Zip Codes: 78550 | 78551 | 78552

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Harlingen Insurance


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