The Difference Between SR-22 And FR-44

The Difference between SR22 and FR44:

  • What is FR44? As of 2018, the only states that use FR44 is Florida and Virginia. This is not a type of insurance. It is a certificate that verifies insurance coverage that meets the states requirements for financial responsibility. FR44 will be required for a person who is applying to reinstate his or her drivers license due to a DWI or DUI conviction. Your auto insurance company will be the one that is responsible to file this certificate for you at your states DMV.
  • If you live in Florida and you are convicted of a DUI or under the influence of any drugs or other intoxicants then you will be required to get a FR44, and this must be maintained for 3 years before your license can get reinstated.
  • If you live in Virginia, same thing you will need to do maintain this certificate for three years and here are some reasons you will be required to get on there….
  1. Violation of provisions of federal law, law of any state or local ordinance
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3. Driving with a forfeited license due to a conviction or finding guilty in the case of a juvenile
  4. Maiming while under the influence
  • Now the FR44 certificate will run you about $15-$25 just to file for it. The actual cost will be different depending on your age, gender, location, marital status, your vehicle and some others. You will need to expect to pay a bit more for this than normal insurance, because with this you are now considered ‘High Risk”.


  • What is an SR22? This too is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. It is not an insurance. This is a document that once again your auto insurance company will file to the state verifying that you have an insurance policy that meets the states minimum liability coverage or financial responsibility requirements.
  • SR22 is going to be required if:
  1. You have been convicted of DUI or DWI (not including the states Florida and Virginia because of the FR44)
  2. If your license has been suspended
  3. If you have committed serious driving violations
  4. You have been cited or failing to keep up with your auto insurance coverage in the past
  • So, to narrow it down, the main differences between the two, is FR44 is an insurance certificate that is for DUI or DWI violations and SR22 certificate is going to be for non-alcohol related motor vehicle violations.
  • For both the certificate is because you are now considered “High Risk” and you will go through your insurance provider to get you a SR22 or FR44 certificate.

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