Oklahoma Motorcycle Insurance- Top 3 tricks to keep premiums cheap

Oklahoma Motorcycle Insurance
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Oklahoma Motorcycle Insurance

Top 3 tricks to keep premiums cheap


Oklahoma Motorcycle Insurance rating factors

If you live in Oklahoma, there’s a good chance you might own a motorcycle. When shopping for insurance to cover your motorcycle it’s helpful to know what factors come into developing your rates. Just to name a few higher factors, credit history impacts most things in life, so naturally it affects your insurance rates. In addition, the type of motorcycle, and your driving history will heavily impact your rate

FactorRate Impact
Credit historyHigh
lien holderNone
vehicle performance (symbol)Medium
Major Violations (DUI,DWI,etc)High
anti theft deviceLow
Driving recordHigh

Oklahoma Motorcycle Insurance- Beautiful Views

If you are wanting to see amazing scenic views but you do not want to hike, grab your motorcycle and ride the amazing views of Oklahoma! The most popular is the Ouachita National Forest. And you can enjoy beautiful views year-round! Route 66 is another popular route you can ride; this is going to be more of the roadside attractions you can enjoy!

Oklahoma Motorcycle Insurance- Coverages

Now before you take your bike out, there are some rules and laws you need to consider.

  • The state of Oklahoma requires that all motorists need to be able to show proof of financial responsibility. The most common is to acquire motorcycle insurance. 
  • The liability limits that the insured motorist must have is 25/50/25. Now those minimum coverage limits will cover a minor accident, but if it is a major accident you may have wished you had more coverage. Here is some more coverage you may want to investigate… 
  • Collision coverage- this will cover your motorcycle in almost every situation
  • Uninsured/under insured motorist coverage- It is estimated that nearly 26% of motorists in Oklahoma do have insurance. That is the highest between all the states. That is why this coverage is important to have. This will cover you in any of the cases where you hit by someone who does not have insurance or who does not carry enough to take care of damage done. 
  • Comprehensive coverage- This is going to cover your bike for things that are out of your control. For instance, theft or vandalism, fire, wind or water damage. 
  • Bodily injury coverage- This will cover the costs if you during an at fault accident you injure or kill someone, it will also protect your passenger. 
  • Medical payment coverage- This is going to cover the costs of prescriptions, dental, copayments and deductibles, or funeral expenses.
  • If you have really customized your bike, you can even look into getting CPE which is Custom Parts and Equipment.
  • Enjoy your scenic rides in Oklahoma and be safe!
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