Cheapest Liability insurance in oklahoma

Cheapest Liability Insurance In Oklahoma
Cheapest Liability Insurance in Oklahoma
Liability Insurance in Oklahoma

Cheapest Liability Insurance in Oklahoma:

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Minimum Liability Requirements for Oklahoma

25 / 50 / 25 : $25,000 Bodily Injury per individual / $50,000 Bodily Injury Coverage per accident / $25,000 Property Damage Coverage

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Liability Insurance in Oklahoma:

In Oklahoma, the minimum amount for liability insurance is:

Cheapest Liability Insurance In Oklahoma
  • $25,000 for Bodily Injury for one person. This will be the total amount that your insured will pay for the cost of someone else who you have injured in the case of an accident.
  • $50,000 for Bodily Injury for multiple people. This will be total amount that your insured will pay for the cost of multiple people injured in an accident you have been found guilty in causing.
  • $25,000 for Property Damage for each accident. This will be the total amount for the insured to pay for any damaged property you had caused within the accident.

    It is a State requirement to hold at least the minimum amount of Liability Insurance in Oklahoma.

Does Everyone Need Liability Insurance in Oklahoma?

In short, the answer is yes. Everyone who operates a vehicle will need liability insurance in Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, it is no longer common for everyone to ride on their horses for transportation. The first car to be made in America was all the way back in 1893. Since then, cars have drastically improved. However, once 1897 rolled around, car insurance companies have been popping up. It is now a requirement to have at least the minimum form of car insurance within every state.

Cheapest Liability Insurance in Oklahoma

If you are wondering what the Cheapest Liability Insurance in Oklahoma is, we have listed a chart to show what each Insurance Carriers prices should approximately be!

If you are interested in more coverages for your vehicle, that will change the rate. The rates may also fluctuate slightly due to other factors that can tie in. Once you speak to an agent, you should have a better idea of what the final costs may be!

This chart will only show Liability Insurance in Oklahoma costs:

CarrierAverage Price
National General$96
Mendota Ins. Company$106
The General$109
Progressive Insurance$113
Liberty Mutual$120
Bristol West$131
State Farm$134
Acceptance RTR$138
21st Century$145
Not all Insurance Carriers listed in the chart above may be available for you specifically.

Cheap Oklahoma Insurance: Bundles

Another great way to have Cheap Oklahoma Insurance is by bundling the polices together! Many people will bundle their home and auto insurance policies. In doing so, it lowers the overall cost the client would have paid separately.

It is best to bundle your policy with the same carrier. If you have two separate carriers, one for home and one for auto, it can be more complex.

When having multiple policies that are not combined, you may run into the issue of having your coverages lapse. If your coverage lapse within less than 30 days you could see a 8% increase. If your coverage were to lapse after the 30 day period you could see as much as a 35% increase in the policy.

With this being said, it might be in your best interest to avoid that by just sticking with one carrier and bundling the policies!

CarrierAverage Price
21st Century$129
Progressive Insurance$142
Acceptance RTR$143
Mendota Ins. Company$143
The General$149
Bristol West$157
National General$169
Cheap Oklahoma Insurance

Other Coverages You May Consider

Oklahoma Road

Unfortunately, not everything is preventable in our daily lives. So, it is good to take precaution by having a coverage or coverages to help carry the burden of costs when uncertain circumstances may arise.


This coverage will assist you with any damage from external sources that were caused to your vehicle. External sources such as fire, floods, tree branches falling, wild animals, and even theft will be covered under this coverage.


This coverage will cover the cost of damage caused to your vehicle. This includes damage done while driving, parked, or the vehicle when its unattended. Some examples of this would include, a shopping cart hitting your parked car, another vehicle hitting your car in an accident, or even if your car was parked and began to roll into another object or vehicle.

Full Coverage:

Full coverage will include both Comprehensive and Collison coverage together on the vehicle. Both explanations to these coverages will be listed above!


Uninsured Motorist / Underinsured Motorist is a great coverage to have if you are involved within an accident where the other driver either has no insurance or is underinsured. Even though it is a requirement in every state to have Liability insurance, that does not mean that everyone follows this. Individuals who are caught without insurance can get wrapped up in legal issues. However, the outcome may still not change much as far as having things covered if the other driver lacks in their insurance responsibilities. This is why it is an amazing coverage to have incase of a situation like this that way your vehicle expenses are covered.

Medical Payments:

Having Medical Payments coverage will help pay for the costs of Health Insurance deductibles, hospital/doctor visits, emergency vehicles, surgeries, X-rays, etc. This will ensure that the medical payments needed after an accident are partially and/or fully covered depending on how much you are willing to pay and the overall medical costs.


Personal Injury Protection coverage is also known as “No-Fault Insurance.” This coverage is required in certain states such as Florida. However, it is not a requirement in Oklahoma. If you decide to get this coverage added on, it will help support you with medical bills, funeral expenses, along with lost wages. Since it is considered a “No-Fault Insurance” this means that regardless of the person found at fault for the accident, whether it be you or the other driver, your expenses will be taken care of.

Full Coverage in Oklahoma

Full Coverage includes Collision, Comprehensive, and Liability Insurance in Oklahoma. When having full coverage, you protect yourself, your vehicle, and others when in the case of an accident.

Therefore, whether you are involved in an accident that you have caused or that the other party has caused, you will be covered in all aspects as far as the overall expenses of damage caused to your vehicle.

In the chart below, there will be a list of carriers and the average costs for getting full coverage in the State of Oklahoma.

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CarriersAverage Price
National General$120
Progressive Insurance$150
State Farm$161
American Family$163
Mendota Ins. Company$163
Bristol West$165
Acceptance RTR$167
21st Century$170
The General$170
Liberty Mutual$175
Cheap Oklahoma Insurance

Female Drivers in Oklahoma

A great benefit with being a female includes Cheap Oklahoma Insurance!

Statistically, women have been found to be safer when driving, causing fewer accidents than men. Women are also found to wear their seatbelt more often, not speed, and not drive under the influence. With this being said, insurance companies view women as less of a risk when insuring them.

At least this is something we can brag about when men say we “are not good drivers!”

CarrierAverage Price
Mendota Ins. Company$138
National General$138
Progressive Insurance$146
Acceptance RTR$154
Bristol West$154
The General$154
State Auto$159
21st Century$167
Cheap Oklahoma Insurance

Male Drivers in Oklahoma

Since it is typical for men to get paid more in the Untied States of America, it should come to no surprise that they will need to pay a little more when it comes to insurance.

Luckily, if you are a married male, you might find yourself getting a discount! On average, married men are found to drive more cautiously, resulting in less accidents. With this information you may possibly find yourself paying less with anywhere from 4% – 10% for a cheap Oklahoma insurance discount!

Always keep in mind that the discount rate may vary depending on what carrier you choose. Other factors that may differ the rate can include, but are not limited to, location, age, driving record, and vehicle make and model.

CarrierAverage Price
Bristol West$152
Acceptance RTR$157
National General$160
Progressive Insurance$163
Mendota Ins. Company$165
The General$185
American Family$191
21st Century$199
State Auto$201
Cheap Oklahoma Insurance

Rates are also subject to change if you have a motorcycle that you are looking at getting liability for.

Possible Discounts : Let’s Do the Math for You!

This calculator should help to give a better idea of what discounts you may receive. For an exact number of discounts you may be approved for, it is best to speak with an agent.

Insurance Discount Calculator

Cheapest Liability Insurance In Oklahoma

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