motorcycle insurance in texas

Motorcycle Insurance In Texas
Motorcycle Insurance In Texas

Motorcycle Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Motorcycle Insurance In Texas

Texas Motorcycle Insurance: Motorcycles are considered the same as cars when it comes to registration, titling, and insurance requirements. The minimum liability limits are $30,000 for each injured person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. This basic coverage is called 30/60/25 coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Motorcycle Insurance In Texas

Texas Motorcycle Insurance: Motorcycles are considered the same as cars when it comes to registration, titling, and insurance requirements. The minimum liability limits are $30,000 for each injured person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. This basic coverage is called 30/60/25 coverage.

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Motorcycle Insurance in Texas: State Requirements

CompanyLiability (Average)
Progressive Insurance$117.00

States require insurance by law to drive. Texas has it’s own state required liability limits. This is all you need to insure a motorcycle in order to legally operate a bike, even a Moped in Texas! It might be wise however to purchase greater limits of liability at a higher premium.

But if simple and cheap is what you are looking for seek out Liability-Only Motorcycle Insurance in TX to get you started. Further coverages like MedPay, Collision, and the like can be added later.

Below are some average rates by city for Motorcycle insurance in Texas. You’ll notice some areas are higher.. this is directly related to the population density of the area. This’ll raise the rate if an area is more populous or lower the rates if an area has less drivers. Less drivers mean less traffic and less opportunity for an accident. Which means savings for you.

So should we all just move out of the city? Maybe, but typically an individual living in the ‘city’ are paying for the convenience of city life. This can mean higher insurance rates. Find your City below for motorcycle insurance in Texas.

Motorcycle Insurance In Texas: Cheapest Liability Rates by City

One variable that has a huge impact on rates is the zip code.

If a city has a high number of traffic incidents, the rates will be higher. If it is more populated, insurers view this as more drivers on the road, and a higher potential to get in accidents, so rates will be high.

While at times it is out of our control where we live, we can each do our part to keep insurance rates down by contributing to a safer driving environment. Continue practicing safe driving habits and be one less statistic that makes your city so expensive!

CityAverage Price
Wichita Falls$121.00
Fort Worth$102.00
New Braunfels$110.00

Motorcycle Insurance in Texas: Best Full Coverage Rates

As mentioned above Liability-Only insurance at the State Minimum need not be the type of coverage beneficial for you. You may opt for greater coverages with the goal of protecting your property and assets.

Full Coverage is adding Comprehensive and Collision coverage to your bike. SO when searching for Full coverage motorcycle insurance in Texas does this mean the cost is at a premium? Not necessarily!

Comprehensive and Collision are coverages that protect your vehicle from theft, weather, or other damages. Why might you choose these coverage options?

Motorcycle Insurance Costs

One reason may be that you are paying a Lienholder monthly for your motorcycle. In this case they may insist on you having full coverage in case of a total loss.

Another reason may be that even though your bike is paid off, it may be a rare collectors or worth much more than an average motorcycle. Making a total loss quite costly.

San Antonio$177
Texas City$187
Corpus Christi$176
The Woodlands$199

Motorcycle insurance in Texas: How do You Get a Free Quote?

Give us a Call at 888-445-2793 and get quoted in under 10 mins.

What can you expect when you call to get a free quote?

First, your agent will ask you a series of questions. They are not trying to invade your privacy, don’t worry! These questions are required by insurance carriers in order to give you an estimated rate.

Once you get your quote, you will be asked to provide your driver’s license and we will run an MVR report and an insurance report to verify there aren’t any surprises that will cause your rate to jump up.

If you are good with the results, we help you process your policy with your choice of payment plans and payment method.

Motorcycle Insurance in Texas: How do you Get a Motorcycle License?

Before we begin to explain the process of getting a motorcycle license in Texas, you must first obtain a regular driver license. Which you probably already have. Now, with that out of the way, what are the steps to acquiring a license to bike?!

To be granted the Class M driver license you must take an State approved motorcycle safety course and present it completed at a DMV. A vision and written test may be required, but after that you are a licensed Texas motorcycle operator.

Individuals younger than 21 are required to do more extensive training. Click Here to read about the restrictions.

Motorcycle Insurance in Texas: Motorcycle Safety Tips

#EndtheStreak is a popular Texas hashtag ran by that takes the adage ‘Look Twice, Save a Life’ for motorcycle safety to the next level. This campaign is targeted toward motorists to watch out for motorcycles in Texas. However, there is much a rider can do to contribute to the safety of the roads themselves.

Be defensive! A motorcyclist should constantly be aware of their surroundings to calculate the probability of a potential accident.


You are riding along the road in the evening, the sun is setting in the horizon with the wind on your face. As you pull to a traffic light turning red you notice a sedan merge into your lane without signaling or pausing to see you.

The Defensive driver now has some data to analyze… This motorist changes lanes thoughtlessly, the motor vehicle operator of this four door also appears to have clear blind spots they ignore, and lastly does not use turn signals to warn their fellow drivers of a merge.

Final assessment? Give a wide girth keeping a safe brake distance from this automobile and maintain controllable speed when maneuvering in their blind spot.

The above scenario could take a quarter of a second to process in your mind and save a lifetime of pain. Motorcycle training courses can also aid in this defensive driving mindset.

Motorcycle Insurance in Texas: Rating Factors

Below are a list of factors that contribute to the final premium monthly you be paying for you motorcycle insurance in Texas. Some you have control over, while others not so much, still others can be improved.

Rating Factors
Riding Frequency
Rider Experience
Education Level
Driving History
Rider Age
Type of Bike (Engine Size)
Occupation and Credit

Motorcycle Insurance in Texas: Other Coverage Options

There are many different coverage options out there so pay for what you need and not a penny more. At the same time, certain coverages for example like Full Coverage which is adding Collision and Comprehensive DO NOT cover Medical Payments or Roadside. Any insurance agent looking out for your interests will be able to explain all of these coverage options, whether it is for Auto insurance or Motorcycle insurance in Texas.

Below are different options you might wish to add to your policy.

Additional Coverages
Diminishing Deductible
Trip Interruption
Transport Trailer Coverage
Rental Reimbursement
Medical Payments
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury
Accessory Coverage
Safety Riding Apparel
Roadside/Trip Interruption
Guest Passenger Liability
Optional Equipment
Physical Damage Plus
Carried Contents
Uninsured Motorist Property damage

Motorcycle insurance in Texas: Frequently Asked Questions

Motorcycle Insurance In Texas

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost in Texas?

CompanyLiability (Average)
Progressive Insurance$117.00

How much is a motorcycle license?

According to obtaining a Texas driver license with a motorcycle is $44.00.


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