Homeowners Insurance in Montana

Everything You Need to Know
To Protect Your Home!

Everything You Need to Know
To Protect Your Home!

Everything You Need to Know
To Protect Your Home!

Everything You Need to Know
To Protect Your Home!

We are here to help inform Montanans or future Montanans on homeowners insurance cost, options, and requirements; and to make certain your needs are met when it comes to protecting your home.

Many things draw people to live in and move to Montana. Whether you move to Montana because of the beautiful landscapes or to be away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life; one thing is the same. You must protect your home.

Yellowstone (no, not the tv show…) was the first ever national park. It became a national park March 1st, 1872.

Which companies offer homeowners insurance in Montana

The companies listed below service the state of Montana when it comes to homeowners insurance. When shopping for homeowners insurance it is best to look at many companies and compare cost and coverage and find what meets your specific needs. At A Plus we take that work off your plate and save you time by looking into many options at once.

Liberty MutualAmerican Family
ChubbState Farm
Farmers InsuranceAllstate Corp.

What does homeowners insurance in Montana cover

When it comes to what is covered in your homeowners insurance, there are five main parts.

  1. Your property is covered in case of any covered disaster. Meaning your home will be repaired or rebuilt by the insurance company due to, but not limited to: Fire, hail, windstorms, lightning strikes, vandalism, falling objects, and damage caused by weight of snow/ice.
  2. Other structures such as sheds, fences, detached garages, and swimming pools are also protected incase of a covered disaster, such as those listed above.
  3. Personal property such as clothing, furniture, and appliances are also covered up to a certain limit, depending on your policy. This means if your kitchen roof caves in from a snow storm and your stove is ruined, it’s covered by your homeowners insurance.
  4. Additional living expenses if for when your kitchen roof caved in from a snow storm and made your home uninhabitable, they will help cover alternate living arrangements and expenses related to not being in your home.
  5. Liability coverage is to protect you from financial obligations if someone were to get hurt on your property. It will help to cover those medical expenses.

There is also additional coverage that can be added to policies such as flood insurance, earthquake insurance, additional liability and medical payments coverage, and extended personal property coverage to help cover more expensive personal items in the event of a loss.

Even though Evil Knievel is from Montana, that’s no reason to be a daredevil with your home, and not have homeowners insurance.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance In Montana

Cheapest homeowners insurance in Montana (by city)

Insurance rates differ greatly from city to city within the same state. Click below to see a list, that lists by city, which company typically has the lowest cost policy.

There are many factors the can change the cost of homeowners insurance such as fire or flooding risk, property cost, crime rates, and number of claims filed nearby.

The best way to know for sure which company will meet your needs and your wallet is to contact one of our agents via Phone or Chat.

Click to view Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Company by City in Montana

Anaconda-Deer Lodge CountyUSAA
Big Sky and Cut BankLiberty Mutual
Big TimberProgressive
BigforkProgressive (ASI)
BillingsProgressive (ASI)
Butte-Silver BowFarmers
ClancyProgressive (ASI)
Columbia FallsTravelers
Crow AgencyProgressive (ASI)
Deer LodgeLiberty Mutual
DillionProgressive (ASI)
East HelenaProgressive (ASI)
East MissoulaProgressive
Fort Belknap AgencyAmica
Fort BentonFarmers
Four CornersUSAA
HavreProgressive (ASI)
Helena Valley NortheastAllstate
Helena Valley SoutheastChubb
Helena Valley West CentralUSAA
KalispellAmerican Family
King Arthur ParkAmica
Malmstrom AFBProgressive
Montana CityAmerican Family
North BrowningNationWide
PlentywoodLiberty Mutual
Seeley LakeFarmers
ShelbyLiberty Mutual
Sun Prairie Amica
Thompson FallsUSAA
Three ForksAllstate
West GlendiveLiberty Mutual
Wolf PointTravelers

Bundling options with homeowners insurance in Montana

Bundling is one of the most common ways to save money when it comes to many insurance policies.

There are MANY ways to save on your homeowners insurance when it comes to bundling. Below is a list of other policies you can bundle with your homeowners insurance in Montana to save money.

Montana is known for its limitless outdoor recreation, so if you own an ATV to adventure around the wild landscapes or own a boat to enjoy one of Montana’s many lakes, you can save money by bundling those insurance policies with your homeowners insurance.

Homeowners Insurance in Montana
Best Homeowners Insurance In Montana

Did you know…..

The largest snowflake ever measured was 38cm wide which is almost 15 inches! That’s the size of large pizza! It was recorded in Montana in 1887. By bundling policies together, you can save enough money to get a few large pizzas for free!

Best homeowners insurance in Montana (by company)

An important part of picking a company to insure your home is making sure they are rated well. Here you will find how an insurance company is rated by AM Best. The higher the rating is means the more you can rely on the company to meet its obligations when it comes claims and financial obligation.

CompanyAM Best
Auto-Owners InsuranceA
Hartford FinancialA+
American InternationalA-
State FarmA++
American FamilyA
Liberty MutualA
Homeowners Insurance in Montana

Average Rate for Homeowners Insurance in Montana

Just to give you an idea of what homeowners insurance rates are on average in Montana for a $250,000 home we have compiled this list. We’ve listed the average cost for each company that offers homeowners insurance in Montana. There are however several factors that go into pricing a policy so these are not guaranteed prices, but are here just to give you an idea.

CompanyHomeowners ($250,000)
Farmers Insurance Group$1,398
American International$1,311
American Family Insurance$1,523
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,358
Hartford Financial Services$1,510
Erie Insurance$1,489
MetLife Inc.$1,270
Travelers Companies Inc.$1,413
State Farm$1,301
NationWide Mutual$1,445
Liberty Mutual$1,436
Homeowners Insurance in Montana

Discounts available for homeowners insurance in Montana

There are many other ways to save on your homeowners insurance that do not necessarily involve bundling. Most involve improvements to the home. So you not only save money on your homeowners insurance but also better protect your home.

Upgraded wiring
Home monitoring/Bruglar
Auto water shut off or leak detection
Hail resistant roofing
Non-smoking discount
Upgraded roof
Bundling multiple policies
Smoke detector (monitored)
Homeowners Insurance in Montana

Laws pertaining to homeowners insurance

The Office of the Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance (CSI), regulates insurance policies in Montana. All policies in Montana are reviewed by this office, to protect Montanans from fraud or scamming.

Montana Homeowners Insurance FAQs

How do I know if I need homeowners insurance in Montana?

Homeowners insurance is not required by law in Montana. It may however be required if you have a mortgage or a lien on your home. Even if you own your home having homeowners insurance is a great way to protect your home and those who live there if an event of loss were to occur.

How do I get homeowners insurance in Montana?

In general when getting a homeowners insurance policy you want to familiarize yourself with coverage types, what coverages you need specifically, and how well a company is rated. The easiest way to get an insurance policy is simply to reach out to us, so we can help guide you and answer any questions you may have regarding coverage.

What happens if I let my homeowners insurance lapse?

If you are required by a mortgage holder to have homeowners insurance and you let your policy lapse, they will typically put a forced-placed policy in place. Which is typically more expensive then the policy you have or had. They typically send a letter informing you of this, and if you call and have proof of a new policy or coverage you can potentially have the forced-placed policy removed. If you aren’t required to have homeowners insurance, you won’t be able to make any claims during the period your policy was lapsed.

How long do I have to carry homeowners insurance in Montana?

There is no state mandated time frame for having to carry homeowners insurance. However, most policies are for a 12 month term. Depending on the company if you choose to cancel at any point during your term, you may incur fees or penalties. Also if you cancel and have a lapse in coverage, you can face penalties when getting a new homeowners policy.

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