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Minimum Liability Requirements for Idaho

25/50/15: $25,000 Bodily Injury Coverage per person/$50,000 Bodily Injury Coverage per accident/$25,000 Property Damage Coverage

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What is Liability Car Insurance and the Idaho Insurance Requirements?

If you are desperately trying to lower your car insurance rates, consider eliminating full coverage and switch to liability only coverage (IF you aren’t legally or financially obligated to carry full coverage).

If wise to do so, you can get cheap Idaho car insurance but having only what is legally required by the state.

Take a look at Idaho insurance requirements and what is legally required:

Liability Limits

  • $25,000 Per Person For Bodily Injury Coverage
  • $50,000 Per Accident For Bodily Injury Coverage
  • $15,000 Property Damage Coverage

Personal Injury Protection/PIP

The State of Idaho does NOT require drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection or PIP. Also known as no-fault insurance, it helps cover expenses such as doctor’s visits, loss of income, or even funeral costs resulting from car accident. This is a more extensive coverage than medical payments, another option of auto insurance coverage.

Medical Payments/MedPay

Medical payments, while similar to PIP, does not cover non-medical expenses like childcare or loss of income. However, it does help cover (up to the limit set on your policy) medical bills and funeral expenses resulting from an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault. Idaho does NOT require this coverage, but they do require agents to offer it, and the insured to sign a rejection form if it’s declined.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM)

This is another coverage that Idaho does not technically require. However, uninsured motorist coverage is highly recommended. There are a high number of uninsured drivers in each and every state. If they cause an accident, or you are involved in a hit and run, UM coverage will give you that added protection by covering your property damage and bodily injury costs.

Cheap Idaho Car Insurance: Liability Only with SR22

There are some instances where people need the bare minimum insurance, to the point where paying for the extra peace of mind isn’t financially worth it.

For example, if your drivers license was suspended or revoked, you aren’t even legally able to be on the road. Paying for extra coverages isn’t going to be necessary.

However, if you are in that situation and trying to get your license back, the state has likely required you to get an SR22 and needs you to provide proof of insurance.

While it sounds frustrating to have to have insurance before even being back on the road, there are many options to help you find cheap Idaho car insurance without breaking the bank.

Take a look at some sample rates of what Idaho liability insurance with an SR22 could like:

Idaho Liability Insurance CompanyAverage Lowest Liability Only Monthly Costs with SR22
Mendota Ins. Company$91
The General$98
National General$99
Progressive Insurance$106
21st Century$121
American Family$121
Cheap Idaho Car Insurance is possible, even with an SR22

Best Broadform/NonOwners Car Insurance in Idaho

There are some instances where you might not even own a vehicle at all, and still need or want insurance. If this is your situation, consider a broadform or nonowners policy.

In either of these policies, you are required to have the minimum required Idaho liability insurance, and you cannot add comprehensive or collision coverage.

Why would you need a broad form or non owner’s policy?

Broadform/Broad Form Insurance:

This type of liability only coverage policy is ideal for someone who often drives or borrows another vehicle they do not own. It only covers one person/the named insured, and will not allow other drivers to be added to the policy. This coverage is not available in all states, but Idaho is one of the few states that offer broad form insurance.

Non Owners Insurance:

A non owners policy is another liability only insurance type of coverage. In this case, it is primarily for a driver who does not own a vehicle, but is still required to have at least the state minimum liability requirements.

Take a look at some potential liability rates someone in Idaho might expect to pay for their broad form or non owners policy:

Broad form or Non Owners Insurance CompanyPotential Monthly Auto Insurance Rate
Progressive Insurance$103
The General$112
Bristol West$139
Mendota Ins. Company$160
Acceptance RTR$228
State Farm$238
Even if someone does not have a vehicle, they must make sure they at least have the minimum Idaho insurance requirements.

Most Affordable Auto Insurance With DUI, Accidents, Violations in , Idaho

If you have a driving record full of violations such as speeding tickets, a DUI, or numerous at-fault accidents, full coverage insurance is likely to cost you hundreds, even a couple thousand of dollars a month.

But by having only Idaho liability insurance, at the bare minimum, you can save significantly on your insurance rates each month, until your violations come off your record.

Auto Insurance Company in IdahoAverage Monthly Rate
The General$155
Bristol West$158
Progressive Insurance$159
National General$171
Acceptance RTR$181
Mendota Ins. Company$182
Liberty Mutual$190
State Farm$190
If you have a lot of violations, try driving an older vehicle with liability only coverage, to help save you money.

Cheapest Liability Only Car Insurance For Young Drivers in Idaho

One mistake that many young people are guilty of, is purchasing a brand spanking new vehicle while still in their teens.

This will very likely result in EXTREMELY high rates. Young drivers are deemed as inexperienced, and also lack a built of history of good credit or insurance scores. The rates will always be higher for a young driver.

However, a great course of wisdom for drivers under 25: don’t start out with a new, expensive vehicle. A young driver already has too many rating factors going against them, to add a vehicle with a high MSRP and required extra coverages like comprehensive or collision is going to cost them big time.

Therefore, an older used vehicle, with liability only coverage, can be a great asset in helping a young driver eliminate high monthly insurance costs, while in the meantime helping them build a good driving record and insurance score.

Car Insurance CompanyPotential Monthly Rate for Young Drivers
National General$131
Progressive Insurance$136
The General$146
Bristol West$157
American Family$164
Mendota Ins. Company$171
21st Century$172
Acceptance RTR$174
Liability only insurance is recommended for a young driver if expenses are a concern.

Is Idaho Liability Insurance Enough?

Even though we all want the cheapest insurance rates possible, liability only insurance just might not suffice.

If you are concerned about uninsured drivers, or not having enough coverage to pay for at-fault damages done to more expensive vehicles, then you might want to pay for higher liability limits.

In some cases, you might even be required to carry full coverage.

If this is your situation, don’t fret. Full coverage might still be within your budget.

Take a look at some discounts you might qualify for, and ask your agent how you can add these to your policy.

When the Bare Minimum Idaho Insurance Requirements are NOT Enough

Cheap Idaho Car Insurance
Should I consider Full Coverage?
  • You are financing your vehicle or own a new car: If you have a lienholder or are leasing your vehicle, you likely are required to have full coverage, or comprehensive and collision insurance. Check with your lienholder to make sure you are in compliance with their requirements. If you have an expensive car, you are better off paying a little extra a month to potentially cover damages done to your vehicle.
  • You use your car for commercial or business purposes: If you use your automobile to carry equipment to a job site, transporting goods or passengers, and other similar purposes, the minimum liability requirements will not be enough. Ask your agent about a commercial policy if you think you fit the criteria.
  • Rideshare Services/Uber or Lyft: Similar to commercial purposes, if you are working for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, your auto policy might not cover you if you have not disclosed you drive for such a company. Also, you will usually be required to have higher than the state minimum on your policy.


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