Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance In Georgia

Full Coverage Car Insurance In GA Guide

If you are looking for the cheapest full coverage car Insurance for the “Peach State” here’s what you need to know.

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What Does Full Coverage Mean?

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Where Do You Begin?

Full coverage is quite simple really. On top of the “liability insurance” which covers damage you do, full coverage includes events out of your control. It includes comprehensive and collision incidents. Accidents can happen at any moment and in those instances you don’t want to be left paying for the repairs yourself. However, finding cheap full coverage car insurance in GA is easy!

Should You get Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance In GA? [Calculator]

Full Coverage In Georgia [Comprehensive and Collision Explained]

So what’s the deal with full coverage? Why do I need it and what does it offer?

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Protection From The Unexpected
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Protection From What Collides Into You


Is typically required when leasing or financing a vehicle. Also known as “other than insurance”, it covers damage or a total loss from events other than collision. This includes a deductible that must be paid first.


Just like comprehensive, it is required when leasing or financing a vehicle. It can pay to repair or replace your vehicle in the event that your vehicle collides with an object regardless of fault. This includes a deductible that must be paid first.

What Does Comprehensive And Collision Full Coverage Include?


Typical coverage includes losses due to: fire, vandalism, flooding, theft, falling objects, glass breakage and collision with an animal.

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Typical coverage includes losses when you collide with: trees, another car, guard rail, light pole, giant Georgia peach.

How Much Would You Be Paying For Full Coverage in GA?

Finding the right price for cheap full coverage car insurance can be a daunting task. We here at A Plus Insurance save you time and money by comparing the prices of 9 different companies at the same time. You could be paying less today! Take a look at this sample quote that shows it’s not impossible to find cheap full coverage car insurance in GA:

Camron Avatar

Male Age 30

Location: Atlanta GA, 30313

Rents an Apartment

Vehicle: 2018 Toyota Corolla XSE

No Accidents

Liability: 25/50/25

Deductible: 500 Comp/Coll

$138 A Month!!!

How Does Liability Work With Full Coverage?

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“Liability is the dough”

While paying the lowest rates possible is something important to everyone, don’t cut corners just to try to get cheap full coverage car insurance in GA.

There are still items you need to have.

To legally be allowed to drive your vehicle on the road, liability insurance is needed, at the very least.

Think of it as the dough of a pizza. You roll your dough first, then you add your toppings. Liability insurance is required first, then you add the full coverage (comprehensive and collision).

The minimum state liability requirement for GA is: Bodily injury – 25,000 per person, 50,000 per incident and 25,000 for property damage. This protects you financially, if you are the one found liable, or at fault in the accident.

“Do not forget, you can add additional coverage such as medical payments, roadside assistance and rental payments. However, this is not required to have full coverage”.

Feel free to visit Georgia’s insurance page for more information:

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Do You Have Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance In Georgia questions?
Do You have further questions about how to get cheap full coverage car insurance in GA?

Frequently asked questions:

Does Georgia require full coverage?

No it does not. However, if you lease or finance a vehicle, the bank(lender) typically requires it.

What does full coverage insurance cover?

It covers your property damage, regardless of who was at fault. By adding comprehensive and collision, It helps pay for vehicle damages from incidents such as theft, fire and collision damage. You must pay a deductible, set by you at the outset of the policy, before the insurance coverage kicks in.

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