Auto Insurance Facts

Auto Insurance Facts
Let us set the record straight!

Auto Insurance Facts– Mythbusting!

Auto Insurance Facts

Get ready to dive headfirst into the riveting world of auto insurance facts! Prepare for an exhilarating journey that will ignite your curiosity and fuel your knowledge as we navigate through the twists and turns of insurance’s best-kept secrets. Secure your seatbelts and fasten your hats tightly because we’re about to reveal not just one but a plethora of mind-blowing facts about auto insurance!

From crash courses in coverage to high-octane tips on saving big, this is the ultimate hub for all things related to auto insurance. So, brace yourself as we shift into high gear and accelerate into the heart-pounding universe of auto insurance facts, where being informed serves as the master key to unlocking the road to financial security. Are you prepared to rejuvenate your understanding? Let’s hit the accelerator and unleash the full potential of auto insurance facts like never before!

When it comes to auto insurance facts, there’s a field of information! Along with that comes myths. I recently looked up some common “myths” about auto insurance and boy do we have some myth-busting to do…

Below are 8 of the TOP most prolific misconceptions about insurance and your rate. Just another way we SERVE to help you LEARN!

Quoting Myths! Here are the Auto Insurance Facts:

Color of your vehicle matters when it comes to pricing out a quote

FALSE! I think this is the most popular one. A lot of people think they will get quoted higher if their car is a certain color. People think Red is one of them. That is far from true, color will NOT affect the pricing of your auto insurance. When you get a quote, they wont even ask that. What does matter is the make, model, age, and safety features of the car.

The older you are the more costly your insurance will be.

FALSE! This is not correct at all, the older you get the more discounts that could come your way. For instance, if you are 55 and older, you can get a discount on your premium by completing an accident prevention course. Ones who are retired and do not drive as much can also be eligible for a discount. You will just need to check with your insurance carrier to see what is available for you.

Credit has no affect.

FALSE! Your credit score can in fact matter. The better the score, just shows the carrier how you deal with your finances and can show them if you will be a customer that is stable and wont file as many claims and so forth. The better the scores, the less you may be paying in insurance.

Auto Insurance Facts
2024 Auto Insurance Facts
Auto Insurance Facts

MORE Auto Insurance Facts! COVERAGES!

Full Coverage means EVERYTHING!

FALSE! There IS a lot of confusion when it comes to what is covered and what is not. Big question. Will insurance cover theft, vandalism and or natural disasters? IF you have comprehensive and collision on your policy then you can have your car full protected by these types of things. That however is NOT EVERYTHING.

Medical Payments Coverage

What is Med Pay? All auto insurance policies sold give drivers the option to protect themselves against at least $1,000.00 in out-of-pocket medical expenses. This is typically called MEDPAY. Regardless of fault even lost wages can be covered under this. But this is not included in FULL COVERAGE.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you are hit by an individual without insurance Uninsured Motorist Coverage helps with your damages at the same Liability Limit as you have set for damages you cause to others.

Accidental Death

If you are involved in an accident that cause the death of another, the company will aid in damages. This also includes dismemberment and loss of limb, sight, etc.

Get Covered Correctly

Coverage Auto Insurance Facts

Some just shop for the lowest rate, which is completely reasonable. But what if you live in an area where the cars are MUCH more expensive than the liability limits you are at. Or what if adding uninsured motorist coverage is a good idea because the amount of drivers in your location are uninsured.

However you slice it, shopping for insurance shouldn’t just be “Find the CHEAPEST”. We are talking about THOUSANDS of DOLLARS you can be reasonable for.

Be Smart and Get Covered Correct!

Auto Insurance Facts
2024 Auto Insurance Facts

“Just Get the Minimum”

So, yes you can purchase just the minimum, but you get what you pay for. So, if an accident happens or damage to your car or others the out of pocket cost if you didn’t get better coverage could be much more than you bargained for by only getting the bare minimum. Just something to think about when shopping around.

Auto Insurance Facts
2024 Auto Insurance Facts

“No Troop Support”

Soldiers pay more insurance than regular civilians.” This one I did not even know existed, as far as a myth. But, regardless of which branch you are in, if you are in the military you qualify for a discount on your insurance. You of course will need to provide the correct documentation for proof. Again, each insurance carrier is different so just shop around and see what each is willing to provide.

Auto Insurance Facts
2024 Auto Insurance Facts


“If someone else is driving your car and gets into an accident, “THEIR” insurance will cover it.” FALSE! Most states, that will fall on the owner of the car insurance company, not necessarily the driver. Each state is different, so before allowing someone to drive your car, just make sure to know the rules and what can happen if an accident occurs.

Auto Insurance Facts
2024 Auto Insurance Facts

“Just Uber!”

Your personal insurance policy covers your car for business use.FALSE! If you are self-employed and you use your car for your business, then you will need to purchase business insurance for your car, as your personal will not cover.

What does auto insurance typically cover?

Auto insurance generally covers damage to your vehicle, liability, medical expenses, and sometimes uninsured motorists.

How are auto insurance rates determined?

Auto insurance rates are determined by various factors, including age, driving record, location, vehicle make/model, and coverage types.

Interested in comparing auto insurance rates? How can I contact A Plus Insurance?

For exploring the best auto insurance rates, contact A Plus Insurance at 1.888.445.2793.

What is important about car insurance?

Car insurance is important because it provides financial protection in case of accidents, damage to your vehicle, and liability for injuries or damages to others. It ensures you comply with legal requirements and offers peace of mind while driving.

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