Why Does Your Insurance Go Up?

Reasons Your Auto Insurance Goes Up

Ever have a great driving year? No tickets, no wrecks, nothing, and then you see that your auto insurance has went up? That can be frustrating and confusing. Here are some reasons why your insurance will go up, and sometimes even when you have had a perfect driving record.

  • Speeding tickets and other moving violations
  • Accidents (either at fault or not at fault accidents)
  • Claims in your area and comprehensive claims
  • Adding drivers or vehicles to your policy
  • Moving (even if a few miles, a change in zip code could affect your rates)
  • Your age
  • Change in your credit score
  • A lapse in your insurance policy
  • Loss of discounts on your policy
  • Increase in drivers in your area
  • Distracted and uninsured drivers
  • Higher speed limits
  • Repair costs and medical costs are rising
  • Insurance fraud
  • Extreme weather

If your rates have gone up, still shop around and see what the cheapest carrier is for you.

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