What Is An Excluded Driver On Your Insurance Policy?

An excluded driver is a household member that has been excluded (removed) from having coverage on your Auto Insurance Policy. This means they will not have coverage driving any vehicles listed on your policy. They would need to be added as an insured driver in order to be covered driving.

Excluded Driver-When Should You Exclude A Driver?

Any household members need to either be listed as a rated driver on your insurance policy, or excluded (meaning no coverage). A reason you may want to exclude rather than rate a driver is if they have an extensive amount of accidents/violations on their driving record which will cause your insurance premium to increase.

Excluded Driver-Do I Need To Add Someone As A Driver Who Only Drives Occasionally?

Any person driving your vehicle, even on occasion like once a month, must be listed as a driver in order for your vehicle to be covered in the event of an accident. If they are listed as Excluded, or not listed on your policy as a driver and an accident occurs, there may not be coverage at all.

Excluded Driver
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Excluded Driver

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