What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

A Roadside Assistance Service is going to help you out with things like minor repairs to your car, if you are stranded on the side of the road because of a flat tire, needing gas and other things.

This is a fantastic coverage that only helps you if you have it in place BEFORE the loss occurs. Thus, if you are on the side of the road after an accident you can’t add Roadside Assistance to help for an existing occurrence.

So what exactly does Roadside get you? This can be different depending on the carrier, but generally they are 4 key components.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?
2022 what does roadside assistance cover

Aid for Emergencies

Do you have Roadside Assistance in place already? In the case of an emergency it can be there for you especially after an accident. Certain carriers come with 15 mile towing.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?
2022 what does roadside assistance cover


Certain carriers don’t have a specific tow service or roadside company they have partnered with. Instead what some will do is reimburse your expenses for the service.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?
2022 what does roadside assistance cover

24/7 Support

Losses don’t occur at convenient times unfortunately. They occur when you least expect it… like in the middle of the night, while it’s raining, on a Friday, right before vacation. Get supported even late.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?
2022 what does roadside assistance cover

Lock out

Locked out? It happens, don’t let it ruin the road trip! Instead get Lockout service and get back on the road!

With ALL of this in mind we are going to breakdown 7 THINGS COVERED BY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE and FAQSs

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

1. Towing

If you are broke down and you are needing your car towed to a nearby shop. Keep in mind that insurance only covers a certain mile limit, if it is outside of that limit, you will be charged for the limit you went over.


If the streets have beaten your tire into submission, flat tire service will either get a spare on your car or potentially get your flat tire enough power to get to a shop for a new tire.

3. Locksmith Service

Locksmith Service can remake your key, programming it to your specific vehicle if it is a smart lock. Many times, all you’ll need to do is call your local locksmith and let the insurance company reimburse.

4. Lockout Service

Are you locked out of your vehicle?! This can be a bummer! Lockout service will come out to your vehicle and jimmy that door open for you. This service comes as a reimbursement along with many roadside programs.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

5. Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery is quite obviously THAT. Fuel is delivered to you with just enough fuel to get you to the closest fueling station, instead of taking off on foot on the highway…. do the safe thing and get Fuel Delivered! This coverage is also typically a reimbursement as is many bonus roadside coverages.


Below is a quick link to many of our carriers roadside contact information. In either case don’t stay stuck!


Has your battery failed and no one is stopping to give you a jump!? Battery service will give you the power you need to get to the shop or home.


Are you stuck in a ditch? Maybe wedged on an island? Winching service will come out and free you so you’ll be on your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Roadside Assistance for an existing issue?


Why can’t I purchase Roadside Assistance for an existing issue?

Roadside Assistance coverage only covers losses AFTER the beginning this coverage option has begun. Some carriers will even drop you if you have a claim too soon after the start of your policy, due to the likelihood that the policy was bound BECAUSE of a loss.

Is there a 24/7 number that I can call if I have an emergency during after-hours?

If there is a contact for emergencies it’ll be on your ID CARDS. If not, call a local 24/7 emergency roadside service, SAVE your receipts. Depending on your carrier, they’ll off reimbursement.

How many times can I utilize the Roadside Assistance?

Depends on the carrier, some do have limits per policy period. Read your policy documents.

Why do I need FULL COVERAGE if I just want towing on my clunker that isn’t worth paying a $1,000 deductible?

You may not, research the carriers for options. Many carriers like Suncoast and Progressive offer Roadside without Comprehensive and Collision.

Can I add Roadside Assistance now for future occurrences?

Yes, mostly. Some carriers will not allow you to add further coverages. BUT! Most do, give your Insurance Agent a call and they can help you to add coverages right away!

Given all of these reasons, any are likely to happen one time or another. So, it is a really good idea to have roadside assistance on your auto policy.

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