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West Virginia Rate Change
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West Virginia Rate Changes Progressive

Due to increased claims in West Virginia, the State is undergoing a rate revision in order to account for recent losses. Since the pandemic, insurance rates had decreased due to a lower amount of drivers on the road. Since levels are rising now, the amount of claims are rising as well. Unfortunately, to offset the pay out of claims, the insurance prices need to be adjusted accordingly.

Another reason the cost of Insurance is increasing, not just due to the fact of an increased amount of claims, is the cost to repair and replace vehicles have risen sharply this year. This can be attributed to the shortage of supply of cars, car parts, and labor. With these factors in mind, insurance prices are increasing State Wide, as well.

Progressive will remain competitive in pricing

Even with the State Wide rate increase, Progressive still remains competitive with their pricing. To help offset the increase in premiums, they still offer a wide array of auto insurance discounts. Some discounts may include, auto pay discount, multi policy, multi driver/vehicle discount, homeowner, married discount, continuous insurance, safe driver discount, accident free, and many more!

Curious to see what discounts you may be missing out on? Contact your Progressive representative to go over discounts you may be eligible for. Not a Progressive customer? Give us a call today for a FREE, quick insurance quote.

Other Ways to SAVE with Progressive

Progressive has many ways to help keep their rates affordable. Aside from the common discounts they offer, take a look at some other tips that may help you save money.

Snapshot Enrollment : Drivers who enroll in Progressive’s Driving Program called, Snapshot, immediately receive 10-15% off of their entire policy premium! At the time of your renewal, you can earn up to 30% off of the renewal term, just based on how well you drive. Talk about instant savings and easy money!

Discounts : Aside from the common discounts, such as auto pay, and bundling products, Progressive offers discounts that you may not have known existed. Did you know, in some States Progressive will give you a discount just for listing your occupation! Check with your local agent, or call us for a free quote with all of these discounts applied for maximum savings.

Adjust Coverages : Do you own an older vehicle that may not need full coverage? Do you need full coverage, but want a cheaper monthly rate? Consider altering your coverages, or changing your deductibles for a lower monthly price.


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