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Progressive Idaho: Manufactured Home Product

Progressive Idaho: Manufactured Home Product
2022 Progressive Idaho: Manufactured Home Product

Great news to all of our Manufactured home owners, the search is finally over for home insurance!

Progressive has announced, as of March 2nd, they will now be offering home insurance products for the State of Idaho.

If you are a current customer with Auto Insurance, consider giving us a call for a free quote on your home insurance today. We can are able to offer affordable, competitive prices for all of your insurance needs.

Trouble finding Insurance for your manufactured home?

Believe it or not, a lot of large, well known home insurance companies still do not offer coverage for manufactured homes. This is due to their unique construction, and vulnerability to certain weather like hail and windstorms. Because of this, manufactured homes may not hold up as well in severe weather conditions, making them not qualified for standard home insurance policies. This can make your search for insurance quotes exhausting, and time consuming.

Progressive Idaho: Manufactured Home Product -Why choose Progressive Home?

Progressive Home Insurance has been around for over 30 years, and they have always offered competitive pricing. Now with their new line of insurance, they just raised the bar even higher. If you are tired of searching for Home Insurance quotes, or need better prices, give us a call for a free, no pressure quote on your home. Ask us about bundling your auto policy to save even more.

Progressive Idaho: Manufactured Home Product – How to save more money

There are many discounts that can be applied to your Manufactured Home Insurance quote. One of the biggest discount is a bundle discount. If you bundle all of your insurance policies together it could save you hundreds over the next year. We also offer Pay in full discounts, advanced quoting, continuous insurance, and many more. Be sure to ask your Insurance agent which discounts you are receiving to ensure you are getting the cheapest rate.

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