Mississippi Motorcycle and RV Rates

Mississippi Motorcycle And Rv Rates
2023 Mississippi Motorcycle and RV Rates

Mississippi Motorcycle and RV Rates


In order to provide Progressive customers competitive pricing on their Motorcycle and RV rates, Progressive is adjusting the prices slightly for Mississippi business. Due to inflation, customers may see a slight increase overall, but individual rate changes will vary depending on a number of factors.

How to keep your premium low

Our agents are dedicated to finding and keeping our customers insurance premiums affordable. We will make sure to apply all discounts that are applicable to each customer.

Safe drivers can qualify for a 36% discount on their Motorcycle and RV policies. In additional, carrying a valid motorcycle license will automatically save riders 10% of their total premium.

Bundling is made easy, and can save up to 42% for customers with multiple polices.

RV customers can save an additional 20% off the premium if they are the original owner.

Our agents do our best to make sure we are applying all the discounts possible for each customer to keep insurance prices low. It never hurts to ask your insurance agent if there are any other discounts available, in case we may have missed something. Call us today for a review of your policy if you are a current customer, or a free insurance quote if you are thinking of switching companies.

What makes Progressive Coverages different?

As you may know, all Insurance companies offer different coverage options. When you insure your Motorhome/RV or Motorcycle with Progressive, they offer competitive pricing, as well as great coverages. Progressive offers Vacation Liability, Trip Interruption, Disappearing Deductibles, as well as Roadside coverage. Adding these extra coverages could be a matter dollars in price difference, so check with your agent today on the pricing.

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