12 Ways to Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Lower Auto Insurance Rates
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1. Lower Auto Insurance Rates by Shopping Around

Since prices do vary from company to company, it’s smart to shop around for the best price. Ask friends and relatives for some recommendations. Most importantly pick a insurance company that takes the time to answer all your questions.

For example, in the city of Richmond, Virginia, notice how the average liability only rates vary depending on the company.

But this might not be the case in your city, so give us a call to check, and we could help you lower auto insurance rates in under 15 minutes

Rank in VirginiaAuto Insurance Company Average Liability Only Rate
2Dairyland (Viking)$89.00
5The General$113.00
6Bristol West$123.00
7Liberty Mutual$123.00
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Talking to agent saves you time

2. Comparing Costs BEFORE buying a vehicle can lower auto insurance rates

Auto insurance premiums are based on the car’s worth, the cost to replace or repair it, and safety records.

Make sure to note if the vehicle you are buying has any prior damage, theft, or title issues as those rating factors can impact your auto insurance rates.

Take a look at how the year of a vehicle can impact a monthly payment with the same insurance company, same driver, same record, an the same make and model.

Year Make and ModelAverage Progressive Rate
Full Coverage Rate on 2006 Toyota Corolla$76
Full Coverage Rate on 2022 Toyota Corolla$116
These are sample rates only. Rates vary from person to person.
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Research Your Vehicle First

3. Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates by Raising Your Deductibles

By asking for higher deductibles, your insurance premium will go down. For example going from a $500 deductible to $1,000 could save you 40 percent or more on your auto insurance rates.

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The higher the deductible, the lower your payment

4. You Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates by Lowering Coverage on older Vehicles

If your car is worth less than about 10 times the total premium, full coverage might not be worth the additional cost.

Take a look at the liability only insurance rates vs. the full coverage from Atlanta, Georgia. Liability only can help lower auto insurance rates by a nice hefty chunk each month.

See if you might be a good candidate to lower auto insurance rates by lowering your coverage.

RankInsurance CompanyAvg. Liability Only Rates
1The General$96.00
2Dairyland (Viking)$97.00
5Liberty Mutual$114.00
7Bristol West$124.00
Average Liability only rates in Atlanta, GA
RankInsurance CompanyAverage Full Coverage Rates
2Bristol West$126.00
4The General$141.00
6Dairyland (Viking)$189.00
7Liberty Mutual$199.00
Average Full Coverage Rates in Atlanta, GA
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Do you really need full coverage?

5. Bundling Your Auto Insurance with Home or Renters Insurance Can Lower auto Insurance Rates

Consider purchasing home or renters with the same company. Many companies offer a discount for bundling auto and home or auto and renters.

If you don’t need to add a home or renters policy, there are plenty of other products you can bundle that will help lower auto insurance rates.

Lower Auto Insurance Rates

How To Lower Auto Insurance Rates
Bundling Saves a ton!

6. Maintaining a low credit Score Can DRAMATICALLY lower your auto insurance rates

Since most companies use your credit information to determine your auto insurance rates, it’s important to pay bills on time, and keep balances low to keep your record in good standing.

Take a look at some sample monthly rates and notice how dramatically the cost is if you have a poor credit score.

Level of CreditAverage Car Insurance Rate

Credit Score
Pay your bills on time!

7. Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates with Discounts!

Don’t miss out on the car insurance discounts!

For example, on one auto policy we recently sold, the gentleman wanted to keep his wife from being a rated driver, thinking it would make his rates higher. But when we added her, a married discount was applied and lowered his monthly installments by $30 dollars. That’s $180, and new pair of shoes for the wife.

Some companies differ in the auto discounts they offer, so it’s important to ask. For example: one company may offer a low mileage discount, and not offer a discount for a driving course.

Check out some of the auto insurance companies below and notice which discounts they might offer.

Level of Impact on Savings (from low to high)Insurance Discounts with Progressive
HighAdvanced Quote
HighPaid in Full
HighAuto Pay
MildMulti Policy
MildMulti Vehicle
HighNo Accidents or Violations
Very HighContinuous Insurance
MildEducation Discount
MildPaperless Discount
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We WANT to save your money, so just ask!

8. Auto pay or EFT discounts Can Lower Auto Insurance Rates Big Time!

Set up automatic payments through your company if you are paying monthly. Not doing so can mean higher auto insurance rates each month.

Not only is this something almost EVERYONE can qualify for, it’s one of the most impactful discounts you can add onto your policy

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EFT and auto pay is available to almost everyone!

9. Lower Auto Insurance Rates by Paying in Full for 6 months or a year

If you are able to do so, paying in full for 6 months or a year can save $100’s on your auto insurance rates versus paying monthly.

Think about all the things you can get with those savings.

If You Saved $587.55 in a Year From Paying In Full….What it Looks like in Savings…
Number of Eggs you could buy5402
Pound of bananas you could buy1157
Pound of Potatoes you could purchase853
Number of Candy bars you could buy435
Months of Netflix you could afford with your savings43
Number of Peanuts you could buy107568
Candybar 1
What would you buy with your savings?

10. Enroll in Snap Shot & and other Driver based rating programs

Most insurance companies now offer ways that you can personalize your insurance rates based on your own good driving habits.

It is a known statistic that men will typically pay more for auto insurance than a woman driver. Unfair?

Possibly! That’s why there is the option to enroll in a “drive program” like Progressive Insurance “Snapshot” or National General’s “Dynamic Drive.”

These programs can save almost up to 30% on your renewal premium. Find out more about what some of our carriers can offer you!

AGEAvg. Male Driver RatesAverage Female Driver Rates
16-18$ 231.84$ 184.09
19-24$ 193.20$ 161.00
25-30$ 139.84$ 124.84
31-40$ 110.40$ 106.08
41-50$ 109.48$ 98.44
50-65$ 99.36$ 101.48
65+$ 106.08$ 114.08
How Age and Gender affect your Car Insurance: See if you can lower auto insurance rates with a personalized driver program!
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Here’s a chance to save, even if you are a male driver

11. Drive Slow Drive Safe…. Violation/Accident Free Discount is Huge Helping Lower Auto Insurance Rates

This one seems like a no brainer, but people are genuinely shocked when they see that one or two speeding tickets can cause insurance rates to jump up significantly.

Take your time on the road, don’t drink and driver, and make sure not to get caught without the required documents.

If you maintain a clean driving record for a number of years, your insurance company will reward you with lower auto insurance rates.

Violation TypeMajor/Minor/Non-Moving?How Long It will Affect Your Rates
No Proof of insuranceNon MovingNA*
Failure to Secure Load to truck/trailerMinor3 Years
Failure to Use Turn SignalMinor3 Years
Crossing over a Center DividerMinor3 Years
DUIMajor10 Years
Failure to maintain Clear Distance (tailgatingMinor3 Years
Expired TagsNon MovingNA*
Failure to Use a Seat BeltNon MovingNA*
Reckless DrivingMajor5 Years
At Fault AccidentMajor5 Years
ParkingNon MovingNA*
Failure to YeldMinor3 Years
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Drive carefully!

12. Talk to a Broker to Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

We can’t say it enough. Talk to one of the agents with A Plus Insurance today. They are trained and licensed professionals who are here to be your advocates and will work hard to lower you car insurance rates. So give us a try, and at the very least, you will have spoken to an awesome person!

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