Home Insurance in Colorado

What is my Neighbors paying for their Home Insurance in Littleton Colorado?

(Female, Single, 45 years old, Littleton CO )
Home Details: Single Family Home built in 1998, New roof and total of 1,100 Square feet of living area.
Ownership Status: Mortgage with Summit Mortgage
Discounts: First time Home Buyer, Paid in Full
Selected Coverages with ASI (Progressive Home)
Personal Liability Limit: $300,000
Dwelling Coverage: $269,000

Personal Property: $80,700
All Other Perils Deductible :$1,000

Wind/Hail Deductible : $5,000 RCV

What is greater than becoming a first time home buyer? Our customer called in looking for prices on her new home she was closing on in March. We were able to find her an affordable policy, with the coverages she needed. We applied a First time home buyer discount, advanced quote discount, Paid in Full, along with several safety feature discounts such as Smoke Alarm, New Roof (2022), and Security Cameras.

Total 12 Month Premium: $1353.00

Monthly Installments: Paid in Full

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