Broadform Insurance in Colorado

What is My Neighbor Paying For a Broadform Policy in Colorado with an SR-22?

Safe Driver 237, Male Driver, Married, [Del Norte, CO]
Year/Make Model: Broadform Policy
Ownership Status: N/A
Discounts: Three year Safe Driving, Paperless, Continuous Insurance, Automatic Card Payments, Five-Year Accident, Married Discount, Homeowner
R 4
2023 Broadform Insurance in Colorado
Selected Coverages With Dairyland
Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 / $50,000
Property Damage Liability: $25,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: No Coverage
Comprehensive: N/A
Collision: N/A
Other Rejected Coverages: Uninsured Motorist, Medical Payments

One of our clients needed an SR-22 filing for a DUI back in 2006 in order to get his license reinstated. We went over the different types of Insurance policies available, and decided on a Broad Form policy. The Broad Form will follow the Named Insured, and will cover for liability on any vehicle driven, regardless of Ownership. Dairyland has no additional fees for SR-22, so we added that to the policy and were able to save him by paying in quarterly installments as well.

Total 3 Month Premium: $145.53

Monthly Installments: $48.51

What does Broadform Insurance in Colorado typically cover?

Broadform Insurance in Colorado generally provides liability coverage for multiple vehicles or drivers under a single policy. It might include coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and legal expenses arising from an accident where the insured is at fault.

Are there limitations or exclusions with Broadform Insurance in Colorado?

Broadform Insurance might have limitations and exclusions, such as specific vehicle types not covered, restrictions on the number of drivers, or situations where coverage might not apply, like commercial use of vehicles. It’s essential to review the policy details for specific limitations.

How does obtaining Broadform Insurance in Colorado differ from standard auto insurance?

Broadform Insurance differs from standard auto insurance in that it covers multiple vehicles or drivers under one policy, whereas traditional auto insurance often insures a single vehicle or a limited number of drivers. This can provide convenience and potential cost savings for those with multiple vehicles or drivers.

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