1998 Honda Accord Insurance

1998 Honda Accord

What is my neighbor paying for their 1998 Honda Accord?

Auto-Liability, 1998 Honda Accord

See a sample rate for a Male Driver / Single 25 year old with Violations – Liability Only.

1998 Honda Accord: SAMPLE QUOTE

Coverages and Other Factors
Coverage Type: Liability Only
Number of Vehicles on Policy: 1
Year/Make/Model: 1998 Honda Accord
Ownership Status: Own/Paid Off
Roadside/Towing: No
Rental Coverage: No
More Auto Coverage Details
Insurance Company: Progressive Insurance Company
Liability Limits: $25,000 each person / $50,000 each accident / $25,000 Property Damage
Uninsured Motorist: $25,000 / $50,000
Underinsured Motorist: Rejected
Medical Payments: Rejected
Comprehensive/Collison Deductible: None

Insurance Rating Factors

State: Pueblo, Colorado

Gender: Male

Age Group: Mid 20’s

Legal Marital Status: Single

Prior Insurance: Yes

Violations: No

SR-22: Not Required

Discounts Applied:

Education Discount
Paperless Discount
Multi-Vehicle Discount
Automatic Payments
Driving App
Bundle/Multi-Policy Discount
Continuous Insurance
5-Year-Accident-Free: Good Driver Discount

Disclaimer: The purpose of this page is to showcase an estimate of what insurance may cost an individual with these products and/or circumstances. This is based on a real quote.

Are Older Vehicles Cheaper to Insure?

In general, older vehicles tend to have lower insurance premiums compared to newer vehicles. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Depreciation: As vehicles age, their value decreases due to depreciation. Since insurance companies typically cover the cost of repairs or replacement up to the vehicle’s market value, the lower value of an older car means the potential claim payout is lower. As a result, insurance premiums for older vehicles are often lower.
  2. Replacement cost: Newer vehicles tend to have higher replacement costs because they often include advanced technology, safety features, and expensive parts. Repairing or replacing these components can be more costly for insurance companies, leading to higher premiums.
  3. Safety features: Many newer vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features such as collision avoidance systems, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning. These features can reduce the risk of accidents or minimize their severity. As a result, insurance companies may offer discounts on premiums for vehicles with these safety features. Older vehicles, especially those without modern safety features, may not qualify for such discounts.
  4. Theft risk: Newer vehicles are often targeted by thieves because they may have better security systems or newer technology that can be valuable. The higher risk of theft associated with newer vehicles can result in higher insurance premiums. Older vehicles, on the other hand, may have less appeal to thieves and therefore may be cheaper to insure.

While these factors generally suggest that older vehicles are cheaper to insure, it’s important to note that individual insurance premiums can vary based on many other factors. Insurance companies consider factors like the driver’s age, driving record, location, and coverage options when determining premiums. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare insurance quotes to find the best coverage and rates for your specific circumstances.

Why Should I Consider Adding Progressive’s Snapshot to My Auto Policy?

Progressive’s Snapshot is a usage-based insurance program that can be added to your auto policy. It involves installing a device or using a mobile app to track your driving habits and provide data to Progressive. Here are a few reasons why you might consider adding Snapshot to your auto policy:

  1. Potential for Discounts: Snapshot offers the opportunity to earn discounts on your auto insurance premiums. By tracking your driving habits, such as your mileage, speed, braking patterns, and time of day you drive, Snapshot can assess your risk profile more accurately. If the data shows that you’re a safe and low-risk driver, you may be eligible for a discount on your premiums.
  2. Personalized Insurance Premiums: Snapshot takes into account your individual driving behavior, allowing for more personalized pricing. Instead of being grouped into general risk categories based on factors like age or location, your premiums can be more tailored to your specific driving habits. If you consistently demonstrate safe driving behavior, you may see reduced premiums based on your actual risk profile.
  3. Feedback and Awareness: Using Snapshot can provide you with valuable feedback on your driving habits. The program may identify areas where you can improve your driving skills and promote safer behavior on the road. By being more aware of your driving patterns, you can work towards becoming a safer driver and potentially reduce the likelihood of accidents or violations.
  4. Safer Driving Incentives: Some Snapshot programs offer additional incentives to encourage safer driving. For example, Progressive’s program includes a mobile app that provides feedback and coaching based on your driving habits. It may offer rewards for reaching certain milestones or for consistently demonstrating safe behavior. These incentives can serve as positive reinforcement and motivate you to maintain safe driving habits.

It’s worth noting that while Snapshot can potentially lead to discounts and personalized premiums, it also involves sharing your driving data with the insurance company. If you have concerns about privacy or are uncomfortable with your driving habits being tracked, Snapshot may not be the right choice for you. It’s important to carefully evaluate the terms and conditions of the program and weigh the potential benefits against any privacy considerations.

What Is the Reputation of a 1998 Honda Accord?

The 1998 Honda Accord has generally received a positive reputation over the years. It is often regarded as a reliable and well-built vehicle, known for its durability and longevity. Here are some key aspects contributing to its reputation:

  1. Reliability: The 1998 Honda Accord has a reputation for reliability. Honda has a history of manufacturing vehicles with solid engineering and long-lasting components, and the Accord is no exception. Many owners have reported driving their 1998 Accords well beyond 200,000 miles with regular maintenance.
  2. Build Quality: The build quality of the 1998 Accord is considered to be high. The materials used in its construction are generally durable, and the overall fit and finish of the vehicle are well-regarded. This contributes to its longevity and ability to withstand daily use and wear.
  3. Safety: The 1998 Honda Accord was equipped with safety features that were standard for its time, such as dual airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and side-impact protection. While it may not have the advanced safety features found in newer vehicles, it still provides a reasonable level of safety for its model year.
  4. Resale Value: The 1998 Accord tends to hold its value relatively well compared to other vehicles from the same era. Honda’s reputation for reliability and the overall demand for used Accords contribute to their resale value. However, it’s important to note that individual factors such as mileage, condition, and location can also affect the resale value of a specific vehicle.

While the 1998 Honda Accord has a generally positive reputation, it’s important to consider the specific condition and maintenance history of any used vehicle you are considering purchasing. Factors such as regular maintenance, previous ownership, and driving conditions can impact the overall reliability and condition of an individual car. It’s always recommended to have a thorough inspection by a qualified mechanic before purchasing any used vehicle.

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