Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida

Cheapest full coverage insurance in Florida: All about Coverage in Florida

Whether you are questioning what is the cheapest full coverage insurance in Florida, what rideshare insurance consists of , or how can you obtain the cheapest full coverage auto insurance in Florida .

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What is the cheapest full coverage insurance in Florida?

Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida
Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida

In Florida, it is required to hold at least the States minimum requirement for liability. While Florida has one of the lower amount required for liability versus other states, it is always encouraged to increase those limits for liability.

Bodily Injury Bodily Injury for More Than One PersonProperty Damage

When shopping around for the cheapest full coverage insurance in Florida it can be quite confusing to know which is better to obtain full coverage or liability and you may be wondering why switch to full coverage at all.

Full coverage includes the state minimum such as bodily injury and property damage but there are other components as well like comprehensive and collision, rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, and gap insurance.

The difference between full coverage and liability is that full coverage has higher limits to cover yourself and other drivers in case of an accident as well as liability insurance doesn’t cover your vehicle nor does it cover injuries you and your passenger sustain in the car accident.

  Rental reimbursement is a coverage that is beneficial to have because it can pay for the cost to obtain a car until your damaged car is fixed up to the limits ,however, any costs exceeding the insurance policy limit will need to be paid out of pocket. 

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Why is it beneficial to have full coverage?

 Most people typically get liability insurance since it’s cheaper and is the state minimum requirement to drive legally on the road so you may ask why opt out and obtain full coverage insurance instead of liability insurance.

One of the main benefits of having full coverage is making claims a lot faster and you are more likely to have your claim be approved rather than having to file with the other insurers carrier for coverage. 

How can I obtain cheap insurance with a bad driving record?

Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance Florida
2023 Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida

Trying to obtain car insurance with a high-risk driving record can be difficult due to most companies and carriers not wanting to insure a high-risk driver.

There are still ways to save on your premium that include searching for discounts that you can qualify for like electronic transfer fund (EFT), good driver discounts, paperless discount, and more.

Furthermore, opting to raise your deductibles, paying for your premium in full for the next six months, setting up your account automatic payments, and bundling up on your policy are all ways to get the cheapest full coverage insurance in Florida. 

What is rideshare insurance?

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance In Florida
2023 Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida

When shopping around and getting new quotes it can be quite difficult finding an insurance carrier that has rideshare insurance coverage.

Rideshare insurance is the coverage for the gap that is between the insurance the company gave you for your commercial vehicle and the car insurance you obtained from your carrier/agency.

This coverage is mainly for Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Doordash drivers. It’s very important for any worker driving clients to or from

their destination to obtain this firsthand since neither coverage you obtain covers you during the actual drive.

It’s very important for drivers to get rideshare insurance in case of an accident because your personal liability insurance might not be enough to cover all expenses.

Rideshare insurance includes comprehensive, collision, bodily injury, property damage, and underinsured/uninsured motorist which is needed for their commercial vehicle.

When you first open up your app for either Uber or Lyft your coverage will not take place at that time since you are not actively using it to drive a passenger at that time. 

The best quotes for motorcycle insurance

Cheapest Full Coverage Auto Insurance In Florida
2023 Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida

When trying to obtain insurance for your motorcycle it can be time-consuming not understanding the coverages that are required and beneficial. Motorcycle insurance consists of your basic liability insurance such as bodily injury and property damage.

  Full coverage contains comprehensive and collision which will pay for the other driver’s injuries he sustains or your own.

There is a difference between auto insurance and motorcycle insurance where motorcycle cover options also includes guest passenger liability coverage, total loss coverage, motorcycle repair insurance, and carried contents and personal belongings.

Motorcycle insurance does not cover you when you use the bike for any racing purposes, business use, or any normal tear of the motorcycle.

There are also great ways to obtain the cheapest full coverage insurance in Florida by bundling your motorcycle policy with another coverage such as home or car insurance, have more than one motorcycle on the policy, and more. 

Guest Passenger Liability Insurance: Guest insurance can provide coverage for any injuries that your passengers sustain from the accident. 

Total Loss Coverage: Total coverage pays for the replacement cost of your vehicle after the accident minus the deductible. Depending on the year of your car it can coverage for a few years and be quite useful if you have a newer model  

Motorcycle Repair Insurance: This coverage is optional but is beneficial as it pays for any extra expenses for repairs to your motorcycle such as your transmission or engine. 

Carried Contents and Personal Belongings: When driving your motorcycle you may possess any belongings that you bring along on your ride and in the event of an accident any of these items gets either lost, stolen or damaged carried contents insurance will cover it. 

Cheapest full coverage insurance in Florida

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance in Florida

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Payment
National General$128
Bristol West$153
Full coverage does not include other add-ons like med pay, rental, and towing.

Cheap full coverage car insurance Florida

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