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SR22 Insurance Indiana

If you have found yourself in need of an SR22, you have come to the right place. Let A Plus Insurance Get you the best rates for SR22 Insurance Indiana.

What are the Best Full Coverage SR-22 Insurance Indiana rates by company?

When searching for SR-22 insurance in Indiana, the rates can vary significantly by company, especially for full coverage policies. For individuals required to file an SR-22, it’s crucial to compare insurance quotes to find competitive rates. Providers such as Progressive, GEICO, and State Farm offer different premiums based on your driving history, age, and the level of coverage needed. Researching and comparing rates can help you find the best deal on SR-22 insurance, ensuring you meet Indiana’s financial responsibility requirements without breaking the bank.

CompanySR22 Full Coverage (Average)
Progressive Insurance$182.00
Assurance America$190.00
Acceptance RTR$187.00
Mendota Ins. Company$179.00
National General$186.00
Bristol West$213.00
American FamilyN/A
Liberty Mutual$184.00
State FarmN/A
21st CenturyN/A
SR22 Insurance Indiana

Some companies above do not offer SR22 insurance at all. You can still obtain the SR22 you need from another company.

What are the affects of a DUI and SR22 on Insurance Rates in Indiana?

DUI convictions in Indiana often lead to the requirement of filing an SR22 insurance certificate. This filing serves as proof of financial responsibility, showing that you carry the state-mandated minimum insurance coverage. After a DUI, insurance premiums can skyrocket, reflecting the increased risk you pose to insurers. It’s essential to shop around for SR22 insurance options that cater to drivers with DUIs on their records, as some companies specialize in high-risk insurance, potentially offering more reasonable rates to meet your needs and legal obligations.

In Indiana, you must carry an SR22 for 3 consecutive years from the end of your suspension as a result of a DUI. If the insurance policy lapses at any time in the 3 years, the time will restart and your license will be re-suspended.

Who has the lowest price on SR-22 (by city) In Indiana?

Finding the lowest price on SR-22 insurance in Indiana can vary significantly from city to city. Urban areas like Indianapolis and Fort Wayne might see higher rates due to increased traffic and risk of accidents, while smaller towns could offer more affordable options. Companies like Dairyland, The General, and SafeAuto are known for providing competitive SR-22 rates across different cities. Local insurance agents can also offer personalized quotes tailored to your specific situation, helping you find the most cost-effective SR-22 insurance in your area.

SeymourNational General
Fort WayneBristol West
GoshenThe General
Michigan CityBristol West
MarionBristol West
South BendProgressive
FishersLiberty Mutual
ZionsvilleLiberty Mutual
East ChicagoProgressive
WarsawThe General
Crown PointGeico
La PorteProgressive
MishawakaThe General
BrownsburgThe General
MerrillvilleBristol West
The lower populated a city, the lower your insurance premium for SR22 will be. No matter where you live in Indiana, Progressive comes up the best option in comparison.

Laws pertaining to SR-22 filings in Indiana

Indiana’s laws mandate SR-22 filings for drivers who’ve committed serious traffic violations, such as DUIs, reckless driving, or operating a vehicle without insurance. The SR-22 certificate must be filed with the state by your insurance provider, confirming that your policy meets the minimum liability coverage requirements. This filing is typically required for a period of three to five years, depending on the severity of the offense. Failure to maintain continuous SR-22 coverage can result in license suspension and further legal penalties.

In Indiana, the time required to carry an SR22 will vary depending on the type of offense, and the number of offenses. Your SR22 must remain in force for your required amount of time, if it cancels for any reason the time will start over and you may be required to pay new reinstatement fees for your license.

Which companies offer SR22 Insurance Indiana

In Indiana, several insurance companies offer SR-22 filings for drivers needing to prove financial responsibility. Notable providers include Progressive, GEICO, State Farm, and Allstate, among others. Each company has its criteria for SR-22 insurance, with varying rates based on the individual’s driving record and the required coverage. It’s advisable to contact multiple insurers for quotes to ensure you’re getting a policy that not only meets Indiana’s SR-22 requirements but also fits within your budget.

CompanySR22 Offered
Liberty MutualYES
Bristol WestYES
Assurance AmericaYES
The GeneralYES
Progressive InsuranceYES
SR22 Insurance Indiana

Companies that do not offer SR22 Insurance tend to shy away from higher-risk drivers. These companies are listed above for your review.

Sr-22 Infographic
Click on our SR22 quick guide if you are still fuzzy on the basics of SR22s!

Need an SR-22 but no car?

If you do not own a vehicle but are required to carry an SR22, that means you are required to carry the State Minimum Liability Insurance requirements in order to keep your driver’s License in good standing. You can purchase a Named Operator policy, which insures the Named Insured for the minimum liability limits, driving any non-owned vehicle.

SR22 Insurance Indiana by City: Cost for SR22 (full coverage)

St. John$181
Beech Grove$153
Michigan City$146
New Haven$148
East Chicago$147
New Castle$151
South Bend$170
Fort Wayne$165
Cedar Lake$158
Terre Haute$172
La Porte$168
Crown Point$160
New Albany$157
Full coverage rates for SR22 Insurance Indiana are calculated for you above. These rates of course vary based on the city you currently reside in.

Why do I need an SR-22 in Indiana?

An SR-22 in Indiana is a vital document for individuals who’ve had their driving privileges revoked or suspended due to serious traffic violations. It’s not actually an insurance policy but rather a certificate proving that you have the minimum liability coverage required by the state. But why the need for an SR-22? In Indiana, this document acts as a form of insurance verification for high-risk drivers. Factors such as DUI convictions, multiple traffic offenses, or driving without insurance could lead to the requirement of an SR-22. It’s crucial to note that an SR-22 doesn’t automatically reinstate your driving privileges; it’s a necessary step towards reinstatement, helping you prove your financial responsibility to the state.

To secure an SR-22 in Indiana, it’s essential to have an active auto insurance policy meeting the state’s minimum liability requirements. The SR-22 itself is usually filed by your insurance provider directly with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) on your behalf. Once submitted, it’s imperative to maintain continuous coverage for the mandated period, typically three years. Any lapse or cancellation in this coverage might result in the BMV being notified, potentially extending the required SR-22 period. Understanding why and how an SR-22 is needed in Indiana is crucial to navigate the process effectively and regain your driving privileges promptly.

Additional Reasons you may be required to carry SR22 Insurance Indiana

Beyond DUIs and serious traffic offenses, there are other circumstances in Indiana where an SR-22 may be required. These include failing to pay court-ordered child support, repeated offenses of driving without insurance, and violations involving uninsured accidents. The SR-22 certificate serves as a pledge to the state that you’re maintaining the necessary insurance coverage, adhering to Indiana’s efforts to keep uninsured drivers off the road.

At Fault accident with no insurance
Suspension of license due to child support
Failure to maintain mandatory insurance coverage required by state law
DUI (Driving under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol)
License suspension for failure to pay fines
Excessive points violations
Driving while Suspended/revocation
Too many tickets in a short period of time
Previous incarceration
SR22 Insurance Indiana: The most common reasons for having to carry an SR22 are DUI, driving while suspended, and no insurance. We listed more reasons above for your review.

State Insurance Requirements in Indiana

The minimum liability requirements in Indiana are $25,000 per person for Bodily Injury and up to $50,000 for each accident, and $25,000 for property damage. This will cover expenses up to these limits in the event of an At Fault Accident.

StateState MinimumPIP?
SR22 Insurance Indiana

Why Would I Need An SR22?

An SR-22 is a certificate proving you have the required liability coverage, often mandated after serious driving offenses. Reasons for needing one include DUI convictions, multiple traffic violations, or driving without insurance.

DUI Conviction
Traffic Offenses
No Insurance
License Suspension
Accident Involvement
Reckless Driving

Frequently Asked Questions about SR22 Insurance in Indiana

What is SR22 Insurance in Indiana?

SR22 Insurance in Indiana is a certificate of financial responsibility required for individuals who have committed certain driving violations. It provides proof of insurance to the state and is often necessary to reinstate a suspended driver’s license.

How long do I need to carry SR22 Insurance in Indiana?

In Indiana, individuals are generally required to carry SR22 Insurance for a period of three years from the date their driving privileges are reinstated. However, the exact duration may vary depending on the severity of the violation and any additional requirements from the court or the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

What happens if my SR22 Insurance lapses in Indiana?

If your SR22 Insurance lapses or is cancelled in Indiana, your insurance provider is required to notify the state. This may result in the suspension of your driving privileges. To avoid this, it’s crucial to maintain continuous insurance coverage for the duration you’re required to have the SR22 certificate.

Can I get SR22 Insurance if I don’t own a vehicle in Indiana?

Yes, in Indiana, you can obtain a non-owner SR22 Insurance policy if you do not own a vehicle. This type of policy provides the necessary liability coverage to meet the state’s SR22 requirements, allowing you to reinstate your driving privileges without owning a vehicle.

Is there a difference between SR22 Insurance and regular auto insurance in Indiana?

Yes, the primary difference between SR22 Insurance and regular auto insurance in Indiana is that SR22 is not an insurance policy itself but a certification attached to an auto insurance policy. It certifies that you carry the minimum insurance coverage required by law, following a serious driving violation. Regular auto insurance doesn’t include this certification.

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