Is An Umbrella Insurance Policy Beneficial To You?

What Is An Umbrella Policy? An umbrella policy may seem like its just an extra unnecessary coverage to have, but let’s look at what it is and why it can be beneficial to you to have. It’s additional insurance that provides protection beyond what your other policies cover, it can cover injuries, certain lawsuits, personal… Continue reading Is An Umbrella Insurance Policy Beneficial To You?

Facts About Insurance

Insurance Facts Insurance is categorized on risk, type and hazards. Did you know that the first insurance contract dates back in 1347, from Genoa? The insurance industry is pretty big. In 2017 The insurance sectors contribution did a poll, and the US GDP stood at 3.1%. Net premiums that were written in the US insurance… Continue reading Facts About Insurance

Difference Between Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Comprehensive And Collision Coverages There are two kinds of coverages that cover Physical Damage. Those two are Collision and Comprehensive. There are some differences between the two. Collision   This one pays for the damage caused to your car when you have an accident with another vehicle, an object, a pothole or from just flipping… Continue reading Difference Between Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Why Choose A Company That Costs More?

When it comes to insurance, its something we all need. Before choosing the right one, we will look at many factors. We most likely are going to look at solid ratings, quality of customer service, good reviews, affordable premiums, multi-policy discounts, and convenience. The question is would you pay more for better customer service? A recent survey indicated that 68% would pay more to the company that provides great service, 33% would pay 1-9% more, 27% would pay 10-20% more and 8% would be willing to pay over over 20% more if the service was great! Customers now love personalized service, fast problem solving and love to hear from an actual person on the phone lines instead of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Its very simple, when a company shows that their customers are valued, they will have a stronger emotional connection to your company and they wont mind paying more for your services.