Colorado Springs Homeowners Insurance

What Is My Neighbor Paying For Their Colorado Springs Homeowners Insurance? Female, 53, Divorced – Colorado Springs, CO Year of Home: 1973 Ownership Status: Owned Discounts: Paperless, Automatic Payments, Bundling Discount Selected Coverages With Travelers Dwelling: $252,000 Other Structures: $24,000 Uersonal Property Coverage:$121,000Personal Liability: $300,000Medical Payments: $5,000 Other Rejected Coverages: Water backup coverages, and replacement… Continue reading Colorado Springs Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insurance coverage explained

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Explained If you just purchased a homeowners policy and are utterly confused by your declarations page, you are not alone, that’s why have your easy to understand cheat sheet. Homeowners Insurance Coverage explained: Why Bother understanding? There are a lot of confusing insurance terms and figures on your policy, but you should… Continue reading homeowners insurance coverage explained