South Carolina Homeowners Insurance

what does my neighbor pay for his South Carolina Homeowners Insurance?

safe driver 260, Male, Married, Greenville, South Carolina
Year/Make Model: 1959 Single Family Home
Ownership Status: New Purchase
Discounts: Bundling & New Purchase
South Carolina Homeowners Insurance
South Carolina Homeowners Insurance
Selected Coverages With Progressive (ASI HOME)
Dwelling: $195,000
Personal Liability: $300,000
Other Structures: %10 of Coverage A
Medical Payments : $5,000
Flood Insurance: Seperate Policy
Other Rejected Coverages: No rejected Coverages

Total 12 Month Premium: $1,598

Monthly Installments: $133.16

This client moved is purchasing a home in Greenville and currently undercontract. Their home was insured for a decent price in the area they are living. This client also has his auto insurance with us and we were able to find him a decent bundle rate as well. Currently looking into Flood Insurance in his area. Greenville has certain zipcodes that lenders require it.

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