South Carolina Full Coverage Rates

what does my neighbor pay for their 2016 Nissan Versa?

Safe Driver 2Single Male, 39 Years old, Clover, SC
Year/Make Model: 2016 Nissan Versa
Ownership Status: 2+ Years
Discounts: Three-Year Safe Driving, Continuous Insurance, Paperless,
Automatic Card Payments and Five-Year Accident Free
Selected Coverages With Progressive
Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 / $50,000
Property Damage Liability: $25,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $25,000 / $50,000
Comprehensive: $100 Deductible, $0 Glass
Collision: $100 Deductible
Other Rejected Coverages: Medical Payments, Rental Reimbursement, & Roadside Assistance

Total 6 Month Premium: $942.00

Monthly Installments: $157.00

Clover, South Carolina resident called in looking for affordable full coverage insurance on his 2016 Nissan Versa. We looked at the prices with a $500 deductible, versus $1000 and the higher deductible saved him about $40 each month in installments. The vehicle is being financed, so he is required to carry full coverage but we were able to find him a full coverage plan within his budget. We applied several discounts such as Auto Pay, Paperless, and more for additional savings.

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