Colorado Homeowners Insurance – Dwelling Policy

What Is My Neighbor Paying for Their Homeowners Insurance – Dwelling Policy?

Safe Driver 244, Female, Married, Golden, Colorado)
Policy Type: DP3 – Dwelling Fire Policy
Type of Home: Traditional Site Built Single Family Home
Discounts: Increased wind/hail deductible, lowered other structure coverage, removed additional living expense coverage
Co Renters Insurance Progressive
Homeowners Insurance – Dwelling Policy
Selected Coverages With Progressive/ASI
Dwelling Coverage: $300,000

Other Structures: $6,000
Additional Living Expense: No Coverage
Personal Property: No Coverage
Personal Liability: $100,000
Medical Payments to Others: $1,000 per Person
All Perils Deductible: $500
Wind/Hail Deductible: 5% of Dwelling Coverage $15,000

A customer who already has auto insurance through requested a quote for a secondary home. Since it is not their primary residence a Dwelling Policy was the correct type of policy. These policies are also ideal for though who own rental properties. The customer did elect for a higher wind/hail deductible to help lower the cost of the policy. This means she would be facing a much higher out of pocket expense if she needed to file a claim for hail damage to her roof.

Please note that this is only meant as an example and prices may vary depending on several factors.

Total 12 Month Premium: $151.19

Monthly Installments: $12.59

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