2017 Dodge Challenger SC

What Is My Friend Paying for Their 2017 Dodge Challenger?

safe driver 246, Male, Single, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Year/Make Model: 2017 Dodge Challenger
Ownership Status: Financing
Discounts: Paperless, Multi Policy, & Paid in Full
2017 Dodge Challneger GT AWD
2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD
Selected Coverages With Progressive
Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 / $50,000
Property Damage Liability: $25,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $25,000 / $50,000 with $200 Deductible
Comprehensive: $1,000 Deductible
Collision: $1,000 Deductible
Other Rejected Coverages: Underinsured Motorist, Medical Payments, Rental, & Roadside

Total 12 Month Premium: $4,388

Overall Savings: $165

Disclaimer: Your monthly premium may differ due to other factors. Factors may include, but are not limited to: location, coverages, discounts, your price range, etc. However, if you find yourself in a similar situation as the gentleman above, then you could expect these rates with Progressive and save more by paying in full!

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