2008 Ford Explorer XLT

What is my Neighbors paying for their 2008 Ford Explorer XLT?

safe driver 2(MALE, SINGLE, 30’s, 80903 COLORADO SPRINGS CO)
Year/Make Model: 2008 Ford Explorer XLT
Ownership Status: FINANCED
2008 Ford Explorer XLT
Selected Coverages with Mendota
Bodily Injury Liability: 25/50
Property Damage Liability: 25K

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: REJECTED
Comprehensive and Collision: $500 DEDUCTIBLES
Other Rejected Coverages: RENTAL, TOWING

With a new vehicle financed our client was searching for a great rate for full coverage while he works to pay off his 2008 Ford Explorer XLT. Great rates were found with Mendota, one of our partners!

QUICK TIP: To bring your full coverage rates lower, bump up your deductibles, if you lienholder will allow you.

Total 6 Month Premium PAY IN FULL: $1,224.10

Monthly Installments: $204.15

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