2006 Honda Civic Insurance

2006 Honda Civic

What is my neighbor paying for their 2006 Honda Civic?

Auto-Liability, 2006 Honda Civic

See a sample rate for a Female Driver/Single 30 year old with No Violations – Liability Only.

2006 Honda Civic: SAMPLE QUOTE

Coverages and Other Factors
Coverage Type: Liability Only
Number of Vehicles on Policy: 1
Year/Make/Model: 2006 Honda Civic
Ownership Status: Own/Paid Off
Roadside/Towing: No
Rental Coverage: No
More Auto Coverage Details
Insurance Company: Progressive Insurance Company
Liability Limits: $25,000 each person / $50,000 each accident / $25,000 Property Damage
Uninsured Motorist: Rejected
Underinsured Motorist: Rejected
Medical Payments: Rejected
Comprehensive/Collison Deductible: None

Insurance Rating Factors

State: Breckenridge, Colorado

Gender: Female

Age Group: Early 30’s

Legal Marital Status: Single

Prior Insurance: Yes

Violations: No

SR-22: Not Required

Discounts Applied:

Education Discount
Paperless Discount
Multi-Vehicle Discount
Automatic Payments
Driving App
3-Year-Safe-Driving: Safe Driver Discount
Bundle/Multi-Policy Discount
Continuous Insurance
5-Year-Accident-Free: Good Driver Discount

Disclaimer: The purpose of this page is to showcase an estimate of what insurance may cost an individual with these products and/or circumstances. This is based on a real quote.

Who Is Progressive Insurance Company?

Progressive Insurance is a well-known insurance company in the United States. It was founded in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green as Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. The company initially focused on providing auto insurance to high-risk drivers but has since expanded its offerings to include other types of insurance.

Progressive is known for its direct-to-consumer model, allowing customers to purchase insurance policies directly from the company without the need for intermediaries or agents. They were one of the first insurance companies to introduce this approach, which helped streamline the process and reduce costs.

Over the years, Progressive Insurance has grown to become one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States. They offer a wide range of insurance products, including auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and more.

The company is also known for its marketing campaigns featuring the character “Flo,” played by actress Stephanie Courtney. These advertisements have become quite popular and have helped raise the company’s profile.

Progressive Insurance has a strong online presence and provides customers with various tools and resources to manage their policies and claims. They are known for their focus on technology and innovation, using data analytics and telematics to offer personalized insurance rates based on individual driving habits through their Snapshot program.

Overall, Progressive Insurance is a prominent insurance company that has gained recognition for its direct-to-consumer approach, extensive product offerings, and emphasis on technology and innovation in the insurance industry.

Why Should I Consider Liability only Insurance on an Older Vehicle?

Opting for liability-only insurance on an older vehicle can be a practical choice for several reasons:

  1. Cost savings: Liability-only insurance typically costs less than comprehensive or full coverage insurance. If your older vehicle has a lower market value, it may not be financially beneficial to pay for comprehensive coverage, which includes protection for damages to your own vehicle. By selecting liability-only insurance, you can save money on premiums.
  2. Vehicle value: As a vehicle ages, its market value tends to decrease. In the case of an older vehicle, the cost of repairing or replacing it may not be worth the additional premiums you would pay for comprehensive coverage. If the vehicle is no longer worth a significant amount, you may choose to focus your insurance coverage on protecting yourself and others involved in an accident rather than the vehicle itself.
  3. Personal financial situation: Consider your own financial circumstances when deciding on insurance coverage. If you have enough savings or resources to handle potential repairs or replacement costs for an older vehicle, you may feel comfortable with liability-only insurance. On the other hand, if the loss of your vehicle would create a significant financial burden, you might prefer comprehensive coverage for added protection.
  4. Usage and risk assessment: Evaluate how frequently you use your older vehicle and the driving conditions you typically encounter. If you use the vehicle sparingly or in low-risk environments, the likelihood of accidents or damage may be relatively low. In such cases, liability coverage, which focuses on third-party damages, can be sufficient.

Remember, liability-only insurance does not provide coverage for damages to your own vehicle. If you’re concerned about potential damage or loss due to factors like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters, comprehensive coverage may be more appropriate. It’s essential to assess your specific needs, the value of your vehicle, and your financial situation when deciding on insurance coverage for an older vehicle. Consulting with an insurance professional can also provide valuable guidance tailored to your circumstances.

What Is the Reputation of a 2006 Honda Civic?

The 2006 Honda Civic has generally been well-regarded and has a positive reputation among car enthusiasts and owners alike. It is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and overall value. Here are some key points about the reputation of the 2006 Honda Civic:

  1. Reliability: Honda Civics, in general, are renowned for their reliability, and the 2006 model is no exception. Many owners report that their 2006 Civics have provided them with years of trouble-free driving. The vehicle’s solid build quality and durable components contribute to its reliability.
  2. Fuel efficiency: The 2006 Honda Civic is known for its excellent fuel efficiency. The base model typically achieves high gas mileage, making it an economical choice for daily commuting and long drives. The Civic Hybrid model, introduced in 2006, offers even better fuel efficiency due to its hybrid powertrain.
  3. Safety: The 2006 Honda Civic received favorable safety ratings at the time of its release. It came equipped with standard safety features such as anti-lock brakes, front-seat side airbags, and full-length curtain airbags. However, it’s worth noting that safety technology has advanced since then, and newer models may offer additional safety features.
  4. Resale value: Honda Civics, including the 2006 model, tend to hold their value well over time. Their reputation for reliability and popularity in the used car market contribute to their strong resale value. If you decide to sell or trade in a 2006 Civic in good condition, you can typically expect a fair price.
  5. Performance and handling: The 2006 Honda Civic offers adequate performance for daily driving, but it may not be considered a high-performance vehicle. It delivers a comfortable and smooth ride, with responsive handling that makes it enjoyable to drive in urban and suburban settings.

It’s important to note that individual experiences and maintenance history can vary, so it’s advisable to have any used car, including a 2006 Honda Civic, inspected by a trusted mechanic before purchasing. This will help ensure that you are aware of its current condition and any potential issues.

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