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Auto And Home Insurance-Brevard
Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard

FIND THE CHEAPEST RATES FOR YOUR Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard

Insurance in Brevard: Rating Factors

When it comes to your car insurance, your rates are going to vary and depend on many factors.

The list below names some of the factors from High impact to low on your ratings.

Age and credit history are going to have the highest impact on your car insurance rates.

Factors like your auto insurance history, type of vehicle, and even your vehicle performance and how many drivers are listed on your policy, are going to have a “medium” affect.

Look at the chart below or contact your agent today for other factors!

FactorRate Impact
Vehicle Performance (Symbol)Medium
How Long Have You Owned The VehicleLow
Claims HistoryMedium
State RequirementsMedium
Major Violations (DUI,DWI,etc)High
Vehicle Safety FeaturesMedium
Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard

Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard: How Age And Gender Affect Your Rates

The reason that your auto insurance rates decrease as you get older is simple: you have more experience in driving and will not be considered as high risk as a young driver.

Now when it comes to gender…

This has definitely become a hot topic…should auto insurance companies be allowed to charge one person higher rates based on their gender than another person?

North Carolina has issued their answer to that…along with Hawaii, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, and Montana…they currently DO NOT use gender as a rating factor for car insurance premiums.

Why do some states still use gender as a rating factor? This is purely based on statistics that males get into more car accidents.

Now, this could simply be due to the fact that studies show that men drive more than women. When you drive more, the more at risk you are to have accidents and file claims.

Contact your agent to find out more information on this topic.

Look at the chart below to see age ranges and prices in Brevard, NC.

16-18$ 231.84$ 184.09
19-24$ 193.20$ 161.00
25-30$ 139.84$ 124.84
31-40$ 110.40$ 106.08
41-50$ 109.48$ 98.44
50-65$ 99.36$ 101.48
65+$ 106.08$ 114.08
Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard

We Save Our Clients In Brevard An Average of $605.55 

Ever wonder what we can save you on average on your Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard? Imagine what things you can buy with all the savings!

We saved new customers in Brevard an average of $605.55!

Do you know what that equals? What would you get or do with all those savings? Contact your agent today and see what we can save you!

Number of Candy bars you could buy435
Months of Netflix you could afford with your savings43
Number of Peanuts you could buy107568
Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard

Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard: Other Types Of Insurance We Carry

Auto And Home Insurance-Brevard
2023 Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard

Here at A Plus Insurance, we offer our customers much more than just auto insurance!

We have a wide variety of insurance that we would love to help you with. Anywhere from boat and motorcycle insurance to Home and RV insurance. We even offer business Insurance and an auto and home insurance bundle plan!

Contact us today so we can help you!

Type of CoverageOur Top Companies
Motorcycle InsuranceDairyland, Progressive
Renters InsuranceASI, Foremost
Commercial Auto InsuranceProgressive
Home InsuranceTravelers, ASI, Foremost Star
RV InsuranceProgressive, Travelers
Car InsuranceProgressive, Dairyland,
Business InsuranceBTIS, Hiscox
Auto and Home Insurance-Brevard


Often written as 30/60/25, North Carolina requires the following coverage for your auto insurance policy.

  • $30,000 per person for bodily injury liability coverage
  • $60,000 per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability coverage.
Auto And Home Insurance Brevard

Brevard, North Carolina offers many attractions to appeal to families or friends looking for a fun day out. They are most famous for the hiking and camping in Pisgah National forest. Kayaking in the French Broad River…So come visit! Just…make sure you are driving legally.

That is the minimum required by North Carolina. But what happens if you hit a family member one day, someone gets injured badly, and you get hit with a bill amounting over $100,000 in hospital bills?

This is where medical payments come in.

This coverage pays for necessary medical and/or funeral expenses due to a auto accident. This coverage applies to whoever’s name is on the policy, any other person that is driving your covered vehicle, or any vehicle driven by you or another family member.

The quaint downtown areas that offer cultural food, festivals, shopping, and various live music. Whether you live locally in North Carolina or just stopping through, its beneficial to know the local insurance laws. All registered vehicles in North Carolina are required to have continuous liability insurance.

Moving to another state? Check out our quick guide to state minimum coverage to make sure you are driving legally.

Auto Insurance For Brevard College Students

There are incentives to good rates on car insurance. Drivers that have more that a high school diploma generally pay less. Also get a good student discount for Auto insurance.

An example: a driver with a high school diploma might get quoted at a rate that is 20% higher than someone who graduated college with a bachelors degree. Discounts to good students are offered to those who have a 3.0 GPA or higher, those that make the deans list, or the honor roll.

Some other factors to consider include: Your credit. Paying credit card bills late can drive rates up quick. Your job can also pay a part. An example might be a traveling salesman, they can be quoted significantly higher than a office executive. Rates do vary from each company to the next, so its smart to shop around. But, ask friends and family for their opinion on the right company instead of going off the price alone.


Either a used car or brand new check out the insurance costs so you know what you are signing up for. Asking for higher deductibles when getting a quote can lower the rate significantly! An example of that is going from a $200 deductible to a $500 deductible. That alone could lower your rate by 15 to 30 percent.

A good rule of thumb with is calculating what an older car is worth. If it’s older than 10 times what the premium is going to be, comprehensive insurance may not be the best option for you. Bundling different forms of policies can also be helpful. Many insurance companies will give you a substantial break if you bundle Auto and Home together.

Perhaps if you work from home or you do not drive many miles per year. You could receive a low mileage discount. Defensive driving courses, having more than 1 vehicle, no accidents in 3 years, or no moving violations in 3 years can also add even more discounts. So whether you live locally in the Brevard area or looking to relocate to the beautiful mountainous area when you are shopping for car insurance be sure to give A Plus insurance a call. A live agent would be happy to help you!

Why You Need Us For Your Insurance Brevard Needs

Whether you have a house, car, ATV, boat, or any variation of these items, you need insurance. What you also need is affordable insurance. That is where our agents shine. Our Brevard, NC agents are highly knowledgeable experts in car, home, boat, and ATV protection. If anyone can find affordable but comprehensive policies for you and your family, they can certainly do the job. 

For fast customer support, expert agents, inexpensive policies and friendly people, contact us today. Get a quote and get on the road or the water knowing that you’re protected against the slings and arrows of life.

Do you plan on moving? Don’t forget we can provide Insurance for you in other states as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is bundling auto and home insurance beneficial in Brevard?

Bundling auto and home insurance in Brevard can lead to significant discounts on premiums. It simplifies your insurance management by having a single policy service point and can lead to more personalized coverage options.

What factors affect auto and home insurance rates in Brevard?

Insurance rates in Brevard are influenced by factors such as the age and condition of your home, your vehicle make and model, your driving history, credit score, and even the proximity to coastal areas due to the risk of hurricanes and flooding.

How can I get the best rates for auto and home insurance in Brevard?

To get the best rates for auto and home insurance in Brevard, it’s important to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies, consider bundling your policies, and look for any discounts you may qualify for, such as multi-policy discounts, good driver discounts, or home security system discounts.

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