Does My Auto Insurance Cover Rental Car?

Auto Insurance cover Rental Car
Insurance terms to know if policy covers a rental car

Most likely if you have an auto policy, it will cover a rental vehicle…but always contact your provider to be sure! Understanding the following terms will also be helpful.

Last Updated June 22, 2021

1. Auto Insurance cover Rental Car- Full Coverage

Full Coverage– This means that you have comprehensive and collision on your policy.

2. Auto Insurance cover Rental Car- Comprehensive

Comprehensive will cover damages due to theft, weather or fire etc.

3. Auto Insurance cover Rental Car- Collision

Collision will pay for instances when you hit an object or other vehicles.

4. Auto Insurance cover Rental Car- Liability

Liability insurance- This covers you if you get into an accident with the rental car, and will cover damages done to other vehicles or property. Liability is required in almost all states, so it is likely that you already have it covered under your auto policy. If you are at fault in an accident, and other vehicles were damaged, (including a rental vehicle) this is where liability will kick in.

It would be wise to talk with your insurance carrier to see if your full coverage would cover a rental, but chances are…If comprehensive and liability is included in your policy then usually, the coverage will extend to your rental car.  

Last Updated on by Shawn Christie