10 Ways to Keep Your Insurance Premiums Low

10 Tips to Keep Your Insurance premiums Low

Keep Your Insurance Premiums Low In Colorado Springs Colorado
Cheap Car Insurance Colorado Springs

1. Keep A Clean Driving Record.

It no sercet- being a safe driver is the simpliest way to keep your insurance cheap. We all know that it can take just one speeding can greatly effect you insurance rates. Working towards a clean driving history is your golden ticket to keeping your insurance rates low.

2. Compare costs before you buy a vehicle

Auto insurance premiums are based on the car’s worth, the cost to replace or repair it, and safety records. Make sure to note if the vehicle you are buying has any prior damage, theft, or title issues as those factors can impact your rates.

3. Get higher deductibles

By asking for higher deductibles, your insurance premium will go down. For example going from a $500 deductible to $1,000 could save you 40 percent or more.

4. Lower coverage on older vehicles

If your car is worth less than about 10 times the total premium, full coverage might not be worth the additional cost.

5. Bundle your Auto Insurance with home or renters to keep your insurance premiums low

Consider purchasing home or renters with the same company. Many companies offer a discount for bundling auto and home or auto and renters. Progressive offers great bundling discounts. Bundling your policies is a great way to keeping your insurance rates low.

6. Maintain a good credit score

Since most companies use your credit information to determine your insurance rates, it’s important to pay bills on time, and keep balances low to keep your record in good standing and keep your insurance premiums low.

7. Always ask for what additional discounts are available to you

some companies differ in the discounts they offer, so it’s important to ask. For example: one company may offer a low mileage discount, and not offer a discount for a driving course.

8. Take advantage of Auto pay or EFT discounts

Set up automatic payments through your company if you are paying monthly to keep your insurance premiums low. Not doing so can mean higher rates each month.

9. Pay in Full for 6 months or a year

If you are able to do so, paying in full for 6 months or a year can save $100’s on your auto insurance versus paying monthly.

10. Avoid Auto-Renewal

when you are up for renewal, call your provider and see what they can do to lower your premium by either doing a rewrite or shopping around various carriers for the best price to keep your insurance premiums low.

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