What Happens When You Drive Without Auto Insurance?

Is It Really Worth It?

If you are driving on the roads and do not have auto insurance, there will be some hefty consequences. You will face a fine, jail time, points on your driver’s license, you could get your license suspended, as well as your registration and plates, they could impound your car and on top of that face court fees and must pay reinstatement fees. Does all that sound worth it?

Every state is different. But your first offense looks like its going to cost you about a $500 fine, and some states will fine you and impound your vehicle. Colorado will fine you $500 or more AND suspend your license until you prove you have auto insurance. On top of that they will put 4 points on your license.

If that still is not scary enough for you to take seriously and get insurance, your second offense will run you another fine at $1000 and your license suspended for months and then your third offense you will be facing jail time and could be having to do community service and losing your license for quite some time.

I would just get the car insurance if i were you.

image shows lady covering her face, depicting she doesnt have car insurance

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