What Do Insurance Agents Do?

Going On Vacation?

It is very rare for me, as an insurance agent, to get to see the outdoors as much as I would like. Do not get me wrong I LOVE MY JOB!

In fact I take great pride in helping South Carolina Drivers get the right insurance coverage that they need. I mean I am not trying to be prideful, but we are darn good at giving insurance quote to South Carolina Resident. Here are the statistics: You call, we answer, you get a insurance quote in 10 minutes, and you can have an active insurance policy in 15 minutes. Are customer service is great.. You cannot argue with the 5-Star-Reviews. At the same time, sitting at my desk, looking at the sunny roads through my window gives me an itch to be outside. After all
this is May! Spring is here!

The Plan

So I just booked a nice modest place on the beach in Charleston, SC. I have family flying in from California to Greenville, SC. They are coming on a Wednesday. We leave Anderson, SC on Thursday at 11 a.m. EST. We will be drive my Chevy Suburban through Columbia, SC and straight to Folly Beach! We stay 4 night on the beach. We come back on Monday.

Right now my wife and I are in preparation mode. My wife, Katie is very good at organizing the food, clothes, and other odds/ends for vacation. Me however, I take care of the truck and the equipment to take. Funny thing is the first thing I check before we leave is my insurance coverage with Progressive. Anytime I leave for a trip I check and make sure my roadside assistance is in place like it should.

So we can check that box. I am covered. Now if you are not sure if you have roadside assistance call your agent to make sure! If you want a auto insurance quote with roadside assistance you can call me or anyone of the agents as well! What is interesting is that it only cost me 4$ extra a month to add it to my auto policy.. So for both of my vehicles I pay 8$ to have the coverage stated above. Talk about peace of mind.

The “REEL” Deal

Probably the most exciting part about the trip is… I am going fishing. I love to fish. We are hiring a private charter to inshore fish in the Charleston Area. Red fish is the name of the game. We will be in a 26 foot fiberglass boat. It always amazes me how many boats come and go in Charleston. Did you know we also provide insurance coverage for boats as well? Whats interesting is that South Carolina boaters insurance has the same minimum liability limits as South Carolina auto insurance. You can ever get full coverage on your personal water craft.

Look at these red fish! Can you imagine just taking the boat to the right spot and catching one of these bad boys? Many people even fly fish in the flats to hook a red fish. Gets your pole ready. We will soon head down South!!

image shows a beach view with a sunset