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Even if you don’t know A Plus Insurance (you need to though!) perhaps you recognize some of these well known companies…

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Welcome Center Free Auto Insurance Quote

Don’t give up…we can help you find affordable rates, need an SR-22? We got you!

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Homeowners, renters, mobile home owners: make sure you have the protection you need.

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Motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, life insurance, you name it…we can help!

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“Katie Sopko Is 100% on point! She made my purchase fun and easy! Super professional and Classy! Look forward to doing business with her.”

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Who is A Plus Insurance?


A Plus was established in 1999 in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Shawn Christie, and his wife Amy, are its owners.  We are a family owned and operated insurance broker

We offer a full range of products to service a wide spectrum of personal insurance needs, as well as business insurance needs.  It is our objective to provide quality, low-cost coverage to meet the needs of our clients. Learn more here!

Who is A Plus Insurance?


Make sure to check us out for daily tips and guidance on how to save money on insurance rates…don’t miss out!

Insurance Agent Vs Broker: What is the best fit for me?

There are two types of Insurance Agents, Captive Agents and Independent Insurance Agents. Captive Agents represent one Insurance company’s products, and are paid a commission to sell to consumers.

Independent Insurance Agents represent more than one Insurance company and are paid commission to sell to consumers.

Insurance Brokers represent the consumers best interests, rather than that of the insurers, to find the best policy for their needs. A Broker’s responsibility is to examine several options, and can then recommend which Insurance company may be their best fit whether that is based on price, service, coverages, etc.  A Plus Insurance is a brokerage with several agents working for us.

We are interested in getting you the best rate possible, but also informing you on insurance knowledge that can save you big. That is why our website is Learnandserve.org. See what we did there?

Insurance Agent Vs Broker: Which companies Use Which?

If you are looking for a specific Insurance company, say Progressive, Geico, or State Farm, then a Captive agent may be the best fit for you. The captive agent can only sell you that company’s Insurance policy, no matter what the price is. They are based on commission and that may be ok with you because you want that company specifically. 

If you are open to options, and finding the cheapest price is important to you, then a Broker may be your best fit or an Independent Insurance Agent may be your best fit. They are not bound by the company they are selling. Options is always a good thing, especially because some insurance companies do not sell direct to the customer.

These professionals can search several insurers to find the best coverage tailored specifically for you, and the best price. Saving you time, money, and headaches.

In fact, we promise to put a smile on your face!

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