Don't let Insurance Lapse

The proof of prior insurance discount is one of the biggest discounts you can get when purchasing a new policy.  Most carriers need at least 6 months of continuous insurance without more than a 30 day gap - though to maximize the discount a 0 day gap is preferred -  to qualify for the proof of prior insurance discount on the new policy.

Be a Defensive Driver

We have all seen them… There are crazy drivers out there.. You can not count on what the other driver is going to do.  An alert driver is a safe driver.

Think about Liability Only

If you are young (under 25 years old), please please, get yourself a dependable used vehicle that does not require Full coverage.  No one wants to work and have the majority of their paycheck go to a car payment and insurance.  Bide your time, build your discounts, and keep your driving history clean.  Comprehensive and Collision coverage is significantly higher for younger drivers.

Give Yourself Time

Give yourself time to get to where you need to go.  Traffic happens, slow downs occur… If you know it takes 15 minutes to get to your destination, then leave the house 10 minutes earlier.  With this attitude, you are less likely to speed, weave in and out of traffic, or run a red light…. All of which can catch the eye of the police who can and most likely will write you a ticket.  Violation free discount (meaning no moving violations within the past 3 years) is another great discount for drivers of all ages.

Call a Broker

Utilize an insurance broker to shop insurance rates through a variety of different carriers.  One call can provide you multiple quotes.  An experienced insurance agent knows what questions to ask to help modify an insurance policy to fit your needs.